What is a Flood?

Flooding is the commonest type of disaster worldwide. Many people have lost their lives and property has been damaged by severe floods experienced across the world.


Flood is caused by accumulation of rain water on the earth surface due to poor water retention characteristics of the soil or because the amount of rain water exceeds the soil's ability to absorb water.

Floods occur mostly in arid areas during seasons of heavy rainfall. Other regions prone to floods are equatorial regions due to their long periods of monsoon rainfalls.

Hurricanes are a known cause of flooding in Bangladesh. Hurricanes are associated with large amounts of precipitation. The waves at the leading edge of hurricane can rise up to 8m high while moving from sea to land. Sea level may rise a few meters in the low pressure eye of the hurricane. These factors of hurricanes are responsible for coastal flooding.

Because of its domination, flooding is rarely insured. You will hardly get insurance policies that cover destruction of property due to flooding. It is therefore our responsibility to minimize the risks of flooding.

There are measures that when put in place would reduce deaths and the damage that flooding can cause. Rivers prone to flooding have to be managed in a way to prevent bursting. Governments should put legislations restricting people from building on flood plains. Individuals should also be equipped with relevant skills on how to handle flood emergencies.

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