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Haiti has a lot of popular cities and municipalities, one of which is the town of Arcahaie in the Arrondissement of Arcahaie. This town is one of the two that make up the entire arrondissement, while Cabaret is the other municipality. It houses more than 106,500 people and is a recognized town.


Arcahaie nan awondisman Arcahaie. Vil sa a se youn nan de a ki fè moute awondisman an tout antye, Cabaret se lòt minisipalite a. Plis pase 106.500 moun Ap Viv ladan-Li.

Arcahaie's popularity is mainly attributed to its historical heritage, as a lot of significant incidents in the past occurred here. One of them is the memorable 1803 Congress, wherein the unity if Haiti's black people and mulattos was signified. It can be recalled that the country's founding father, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, replaced the French flag with a blue and red flag after tearing it apart during the Congress. It was the first time in three years of revolution that Haiti's unity had been symbolized.

Popilarite zòn Arcahaie sitou atribiye nan eritaj istorik li, kòm yon anpil nan ensidan enpòtan nan tan lontan. Youn nan yo se memorab 1803 Kongrè a. Li kapab raple ke fondatè papa nan peyi a, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, ranplase drapo franse ak yon drapo ble ak wouj apre yo fin chire li pandan Kongrè a.

A recent incident that added to the town's popularity just happened two years ago, when President Michel Martelly delivered his Flag Day speech in Arcahaie on May 18. The president paid tribute to the townspeople while highlighting the town's significance to the country and to the flag. Martelly reminded the people that it was in Arcahaie that Haiti finally forged its unity.

Up until now, certain landmarks and monuments such as the Fort Drouet can still be seen in the town. The monument was built after the country found independence as a barrier and defense against French forces.

Moute jouk koulye a, Landmarks ak moniman tankou Fort Drouet la ka toujou ka wè nan vil la. Moniman an te bati apre peyi a te jwenn endepandans kòm yon baryè ak defans kont fòs franse.

Arcahaie is also known for Plantain production. It is estimated that 60% of the agricultural land in Arcahaie is devoted to the production of the tastiest plantains in Haiti

Arcahaie pwodiksyon Bannann. Yo estime ke 60% agrikòl nan Arcahaie konsakre nan pwodiksyon bannann

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