Warning To Haitians Visiting The United States

A warning has been issued to citizens of Haiti against all non essential travel to the United States especially considering the current situation prevailing there. In Washington D.C. the highest number of hate crimes has been committed. To respond to emergencies or crimes, the local authorities have limited abilities in certain areas.


Reasons To Avoid Travel

Shootings on a mass scale, gun violence, depression at high rate, ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder and epidemic rates of people getting overweight, etc are on the rise in the US. Citizens of Haiti are urged to exercise caution while visiting US.

They need to be aware of severe seasonal inclement climatic conditions after the disaster caused by the storm Sandy. Talk of a dangerous secession is also being heard post the Presidential election. Regional perceptions that are civil war like conditions may be expected in Southern region of the US. Mass suicides and religious cults are being promoted due to the promotion of polygamist lifestyles in the western region of US.

Gun Related Tragedies

As compared to the residents, more guns are expected in southern and mid western US. Out 100 people, around 90 own guns approximately leading to a recurring tragedy of mass shootings. 8583 gun crimes were committed in 2011.

Aggravated assault and rape amounting to 300,000 have been reported in 2011. While planning a travel to the US, this should be considered carefully. Supremacist groups operating in a wide underground cell network could mount a surprise attack.

Costly Medication

Medical bills are unaffordable or exorbitant, so travelers to US are encouraged not to get injured or sick! Many US citizens go bankrupt paying huge medical bills as indicated by studies. If in case you are inclined to bad luck, illness or any kind of injury it is recommended that you avoid travel to the US!

Information on high calorie food and restaurants offering fast food should be obtained so that they can be avoided. On the brighter note, as the economic condition in America is not so good, the Haitian Gourde has strengthened against the American Dollar. Once the government in America hurls itself away from the fiscal cliff, it is expected that there will be better rates in future. Citizens of Haiti need to keep themselves informed on conditions in US before planning their travel there.

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