Poverty And Crime In Cite Soleil

Comfortable living space, safety, security and luxury are some of the things that are uncommon among people living in Cite Soleil, an extremely poor town in the Arrondissement of Port-au-Prince in Ouest Department. As a matter of fact, it is considered one of the poorest and most dangerous towns in Haiti.


Around 400,000 residents live in Cite Soleil without a decent access to electricity. The sewerage and canal systems in the town are in poor condition, while only a few businesses are open to serve the residents. There are some hospitals and only one school. While half of the houses in Cite Soleil were made of cement and metal roof, the other 50% were makeshift shelters built in materials that residents have scavenged.

When it comes to safety and security, Cite Soleil also lags behind. Gangs and criminals are known to roam the streets. Before the United Nations implemented a peacekeeping mission in the town in 2007, Cite Soleil was completely ruled by different gangs. Though the situation slightly improved with the arrival of troops from the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti, gun fights remain common. Gangs no longer rule the town but other crimes such as kidnapping, rape and robbery still happen. The 2010 earthquake made everything worse because a lot of people were affected even if many buildings and structures survived the rattle.

All in all, Cite Soleil is in a bad shape and it may take a long time before humanitarian organizations and the government can improve the lives of its residents.

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