Michel Oreste President of Haiti

Michel Oreste was born on 8th April 1859 in Jacmel. Michel valued education in his leadership. Michel had served in various positions in the Haitian government and was serving as a senator when he was appointed. He was known for taking part in all the debates that brought good changes to Haiti. Due to this the national assembly of Haiti appointed Michel as the acting president of Haiti after the death of President Leconte. On May 4, 1913, Michel was officially elected as the president of Haiti for a seven year term.


Michel Oreste believed in unity and always involved the Haitian officials in the endeavors of the country. He became the first president to unite Haitian officials to plan the progress of Haiti. He believed in the saying that says backward never forward ever. Michel and the Haitian officials set aside $ 350,000 to reconstruct the broken palace. The people who were given the money ran away. When asked, they promised to release the money after some months. Michel Oreste could not work in peace; so he decided to wait for them to realize the money. Haiti became disorderly again the "les cacos" brought panic to Haiti. All the development brought by Michel was forgotten and Haitian officials started to blame him.

Haitian officials rebelled against him and forced him to step down and go into banish. Due to his love for Haiti, he decided to step down on 27th January, 1914. The funds were realized and rebuilding took place from 1914 to 1920. The palace was built so well that despite all intended destruction none succeeded. It was however destroyed by the 2010 earthquake. He passed away while still in exile in New York City on 28 October 1918.

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