Hillary Clinton held responsible for Haiti recovery setback

Even six years after the massive earthquake, many people in Haiti continue to hold that Hillary Clinton's State Department and the Clinton Foundation are responsible for a recovery effort that cost billions, but yielded a very little return. The Haitians often claim that earthquake aid money was mismanaged and lucrative deals went to Clinton cronies. To make room for Caracol Industrial Park, a Clintons' signature project in Haiti valuing $224 million, 366 farmers were evicted, valuable agricultural lands were acquired and as per late 2015, it created only 5,000 jobs instead of 60,000 promised jobs.


Hillary's State Department pressed the Haitian government to fix a slave wage rate per day (below $5.00)-- not to raise the minimum hourly wage rate to $0.62 from the prevailing $0.24 per hour.

One of the two lucrative gold mining contracts (Haiti's gold reserves are worth over $20 billion) was awarded to Tony Rodham, Secretary Hillary Clinton's youngest brother and he was added to the advisory board of the company that owns the mine.

Haitians increasingly complain that Clinton-backed projects have often helped the country's elite and international business investors more than they have helped poor Haitians.

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