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G8 and Fanmi Lavalas reject Commission of Electoral Evaluation

The current political crisis in Haiti has reached an unprecedent level. The creation of an evaluation commission was supposed to facilitate the electoral process; however, somehow it has managed to make things worst. Now both the Group G8 with jude Celestin and Fanmi Lavalas rejected the Commission of Evaluation. they actually consider this action as the latest manouver by the president and are calling on the Haitian population for keep the pressure on the government.

The group G8 said that the learned the formation of a commission via the news media. They also stated that they noted that the request for the formation of a commission came from the CEP but the request was never made public. Both G8 and Fanmi lavalas feel that both the Executive and the CEP that are at the origin of this commission are part of the current problem and that it is unthinkable to have them engaged in the formation of a commission to impose a solution to the problem.

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Jude Celestin, No election without Independent commission Investigation

The candidate under the banner LAPEH, Jude Célestin, refuses to meet with the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP)

In a letter dated December 14, 2015, written in response to a request for a meeting with the CEP, Jude Celestin explained that any meeting would not be appropriate before the establishment of an Evaluation commissions in regard to the election results of October 25. He went further to say that a meeting at this time would even be superfluous without the establishment, without delay, of this Commission.

According to Jude Celestin, "We are now at a crossroads. As you, as an institution responsible for organizing credible elections, that I, presidential candidate, we have a duty to steer the country in the right direction, choose the right path by taking difficult and most courageous decisions."

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Moise Jean Charles di Jude Celestin mwen pa pral sipote ou Ti Papa

Si ou panse te gen yon posibilite pou gwoup G8 ini anba yon candida an fas Jovenel Moise, ou ka bliye sa. Moise Jean Charles te soti pozisyon li. Li fè konnin ke kèlkeswa desizyon Group G8 lan, li pa pral sipòte kandida Jude Celestin. Dapre Moise, Jude Celestin reprezante moun ki renmen fason bagay yo ye an, e pa vle chanjman, ke li ape sipòte gwoup oligachi a an Ayiti.


Moise Jean Charles" No matter what, I will not Support Jude Celestin"

If you think at one point there was a possibility for the group G8 to unite themselves under one candidate, you can forget about it. Moise Jean Charles came out and made his position known. According to the candidate of Pitit Dessalin, regardless of what the decision of G8 is, he will not support the candidate Jude Celestin. For Moise, Jude Celestin is a representative of the status quo, the oligarchy in Haiti.

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Fednel Monchery di gwoup G8 kimbe Jude Celestin tankou yon otaj

Koòdonatè nan platfòm "Repon Peyizan", Fednel Monchéry pa gen okenn dout ke kandida LAPEH la, Jude Celestin, se yon viktim. Li di ke gwoup G8 kimbe Jude kòm yon otaj e ke se rezon pou kisa li pa kapab patisipe nan eleksyon an ak Jovenel Moise. Fednel Monchéry deklare ke group G8 la konpoze de perdants eksepte pou Jude Celestin epi li mande yo lage Jude Celestin se konsa ke li ka pran chans li nan eleksyon an.

Fednel Monchéry said Jude Célestin an hostage of group G8

The Coordinator of the platform "Repon peyizan", Fednel Monchéry doesn't have any doubt that candidate of the LAPEH, Jude Celestin, is a victim. He said that Jude has been held as an hostage by the group G8 and that is the reason why he is unable to participate in the run off election with Jovenel Moise. Fednel Monchéry stated that the G8 is comprised of losers except for Jude Celestin and is asking them to release Jude Celestin so that he can take his chances in the run-off election.

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G8 wants Transitional government in Haiti by January

The group of eight candidates or the G8 is giving the entire process less than one month before calling for a transitional government to organize new general elections in Haiti within two years. Their demands: an independent recount of past election results, changes in Haiti's electoral council and national police department. In the meantime, the Group of Eight is calling for the protests to continue.

G8 vle gouvènman Tranzisyonèl an Ayiti an janvye

Gwoup 8 ap bay tout pwosesis la mwens pase yon mwa anvan rele pou yon gouvènman tranzisyon pou òganize nouvo eleksyon jeneral an Ayiti nan lespas de ane.

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Jude Celestin agrees with G8, will not go to election

The G8 has stated that a transparent, honest, fair and free election is not possible under the current condition. Jude Celestin of Lapeh agrees with the G8 and will make his decision known soon not to participate in the next election.

G8 Tells Martelly Make Changes or Forfeit 2015 Election. Presidential candidates are asking Martelly and PEC to investigate October 25th election results, biased towards Jovenel Moise. If Martelly and the PEC refuse, G8 will make stringent demands for reform.

G8 wants replacement of some CEP members; the appointment of a new chief of police; and an audit of the voting process.

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Jude Celestin di li pap batay ak Jovenel pou kont li

Woy!, Koòdonatè Jeneral nan Lapeh, Senatè Jean Hector Anacasicis, deklare ke Jude Celestin pa ka ale nan batay sa ak Jovenel Moise pou kont li. L'ap pran tan ki nesesè pou yo travay avèk gwoup G8 la pou yo vini avèk yon fwon ini. Tanpri, di Jude ke li gen yon tan trè limite pou renmèt lide li?

The General Coordinator of Lapeh, Senator Jean Hector Anacasicis, stated that Jude Celestin can't and won't go to this fight with Jovenel Moise by himself. He will take the time necessary to work with the G8 group to come with a united front. Can someone please tell Jude that he has a very limited time to make up his mind?

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Is Jude Celestin playing the G8 members or will he go to Run-Off election?

Since the official announcement by the CEP that Jovenel Moise and Jude Celestin are the two candidates qualified to run in the run-off election scheduled for December 27, lots of rumors have been circulating on whether or not Jude Celestin will eventually accept to face the candidate of the President. According to Former Senator Jean Hector Anacacis, Jude Celestin doesn't know yet whether or not he will go to the run-off election with Jovenel Moise. He stated that they are currently meeting with other members of the G8 to expand the candidates who have been protesting the election. The question remains: will he break with the opposition and go for it? Is he using the other G8 members, looking for support and later on drop them? When will he know exactly?

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Kole Ou Pran, Pa Kole Ou Pran Ak Jovenel Moise

After several meetings of the G8 candidates, the number two candidate Jude Celestin has threatened to forgo his participation in the final presidential runoff on December 27, 2015. On November 28th, the G8 candidates had given an ultimatum about holding elections where they had mentioned that no honest, transparent and credible election is possible under the presidency of Joseph Michel Martelly in conjunction with the functioning CEP (Provisional Electoral Council) along with the support of the present Police Nationale d'Haïti (PNH).

A transitional government is required to hold a free and credible election, which would be empowered to adopt a new constitution with various reforms needed to organize a credible election within next two years. The ultimatum was signed by all the G8 candidates.

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Jude Celestin seriously considering a withdrawal from the race

It doesn't look like the political crisis in Haiti is likely to be solved soon or quickly. There is a great possibility that one of the two candidates qualified to face each other may decide not to participate in the run off after all. From the latest information obtained by HaitiObserver.Com, Jude Celestin is now seriously considering a withdraw from the process in an attempt to apply more pressure to PHTK and Jovenel Moise. He clearly stated that as a members of G8, he was committed to the pact he signed together with seven other candidates.

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