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FLASH - Jovenel Moise and Jude Celestin declared winners

The Preliminary results of the presidential election in Haiti is now public. The big winners are Jovenel Moise and Jude Celestin

On late Thursday, November 5, 2015, as per the preliminary announcement of the first round results of presidential elections by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), Jovenel Moise, the thirty seven year-old main promoter of the Agritrans banana export project in Haiti, a candidate from the outgoing President Martelly's Tet Kale political party, is much ahead of his two closest contenders Jude Celestin and Moise Jean Charles. Jude Celestin is a 53 year-old Swiss educated Mechanical Engineer, executive director of the government's construction ministry and Moise Jean Charles is a former Senator, representing the banner of Platform Pitit Desalin.

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Why is Rene Preval so quiet on the candidacy of Jude Celestin?

As we are counting down to election day in Haiti, the truth can no longer be hidden. We are now in a position to see whether or not all these political parties were legitimate or some type of cover up to increase chances or just a way to make a quick buck. The latest consolidation came from Platform Verite that has decided to support the candidacy of Jude Celestin or president.

Out of those seen so far, this can be considered as the most meaningful. You can't stop me from asking the obvious question which is: Does Rene Preval has anything to do with this?

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Jude Celestin of LAPEH Promises Job & To Fight Corruption

Jude Célestin (born on June 19, 1962) is one of the front runners in the Haitian Presidential election, a nominated candidate under the banner of "Alternative League for Progress and Haitian Emancipation" (LAPEH).

In the last presidential election, he was nominated by former President René Préval's Unity (INITE) party. He is a Mechanical Engineer from Switzerland and a former executive director of the government's construction ministry. His campaign promises are based on very basic issues like job creation, fight against corruption and control of government expenditure. If he wins, the downtown of the capital city will be revamped. Major projects on transformation will be launched which will create confidence in the minds of the countrymen. Formulas of harmonization between Haiti and the Dominican Republic will be found out to resolve the migration issues.

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Delmas Viaduct costing over 10 million more then estimated for

Most projects with a cost overrun usually do not go over 10 to 20 percent of the original cost. However this is not the case for the Delmas Viaduct that was inaugurated in August, 2015. According to the candidate for President, Jude Celestin who actually came up with this plan to build the Viaduct, the entire project was estimated at 6 million US dollars.

The actual cost of this project funded by PetroCaribe is 16.5 million US dollars. It was built by the Dominican construction company Estrella. This is close to three times more to original amount it was estimated for.

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Jude Celestin and Moise Jean-Charles leading in Presidential poll

The Presidential election in Haiti is shaping up and we are now able to have a view on the potential winners. The Office of Research in Computer Science and Economic and Social Development (BRIDES) just released the results of a national survey of voting intentions of the Haitian population for the upcoming election that shows Jude Célestin and Moïse Jean-Charles as leading candidates for the presidential seat.

While many candidates are very satisfied with the result of the recent poll conducted by BRIDES, many others had some strong reactions against it as well. at the presidential level, the polling showed that only 15 candidates obtain 1% or more of the vote.

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Did Pierre-Louis Opont commit treason to the Nation of Haiti

In 2015, Mr. Pierre-Louis Opont who was at the time the President of the CEP in Haiti and who also was responsible to conduct election in 2000 admitted that the result of the election he publishes in 2000 was contrary to the actual results and that he was obligated to publish the results fabricated to avoid popular uprising.

Taking a closer look at the whole incident, one might conclude that Mr. Opond has actually conspired with the international community to arm the sovereignty of Haiti. He allowed Michel Martelly to be qualified for the run off election in lieu of Jude Célestin of the political party INITE who earned square and fair that right. Ironically, Pierre-Louis Opont was rewarded by Michel Martelly as he was chosen to run the next election in 2015.

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Why do Haitian Politicians love power so much?

We Haitians do not agree on many things; however, this is something many Haitians will agree on. Haitian Politicians are in love with power. For those who may not agree with me, you don't have to go far to see to what extent our politicians would go to be in a position of power. Just take a look at any election in Haiti, you will see the number of people wanting to occupy those positions of power. During a typical presidential election in Haiti, the number of candidates can reach anywhere from 40 to 50. During a Cabinet formation or reshuffling, some people you would not expect give up their dignity, prestige or affiliations they spent years building in a matter of second just to become the next Minister or Secretary.

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Jude Celestin will appeal any decision against Him

The former candidate Jude Celestin said that he will appeal the decision against him. Attorney Osner Fevry who is representing Jude Celestin is thinking about taking their case all the way to Cassation tribunal.

Didn't I see this during the Bush-Gore election?

For those who did not remember, The United States Court ruled on the decision that effectively resolved the 2000 presidential election in favor of George W. Bush.

Will the Haitian justice system be responsible to solve this problem?

He! He! Hey!

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Today it will be official, Jude Celestin or Michel Martelly

The two candidates who will be in the run-off Haiti election will be announced by Haiti's Provisional Electoral Council (CEP). We already know that Mirlande Manigat is a candidate. The real question now: Is it going to be Jude Celestin or Michel Martelly?

The choice has been made for us. We just need to be told at this point.

It seems to me that everyone is involved in making decisions for Haiti, except the Haitian population.

The OAS has recommended that Jude Celestin be replaced by Michel Martelly because of fraud in the November election. The US and United Nations seem to agree with the OAS recommendations.

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Please Jude Celestin say something to the Provisional Electoral Council.

The "Haitian Joudalist" learned that Jude Celestin is playing either hard ball or hard to get with Rene Preval, his party Unity and the International community. Celestin just would not confirm that he is in fact withdrawing from the electoral race in Haiti.

Be reasonable man!

So far, everyone but Jude Celestin, has declared that he is out of the race.

More importantly, no one can find him to make a statement.

Is this the case in Haitian Creole "De pye Ti Rene pran nan youn grin soilier"

Will Jude Celestin eventually make it official and say the magic words:" I withdraw my candidacy for the Presidency of Haiti"

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