Clifford Brandt had the power to Overthrow the Haitian Government

I am not kidding!


The current Haitian president, Michel Martelly, admitted that Clifford Brandt kidnapping network was so powerful in Haiti that it has the ability to overthrow the Government.

The declaration came while the Haitian president was in Europe. Martelly made the declaration at a meeting with the EP Committee on Foreign Affairs, jointly with the Committee on Development and in association with a Delegation to the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly.

"We Need help"

According to Michel Martelly, "This is the first time in Haiti we dismantles a network of bandits of this magnitude".

Martelly also stated that he had requested assistance from both United States and France to help fight this powerful gang

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Fritzner Simon says...

Eske se konsa peyi ayiti ap depa fini ki moun pou fè konfians nan kasa...

Neg akostum neg akol neg ak

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Fritzner Simon says...

Kikote sa ap rive, paskel pa gen kòmansman ni fin, si moun ki gen vès ap kidnape se sa kigen mayo. si moun ki gen avyion ap fè travay sa, se moun ki gen bekann, sa grav se nou kap peyesa parol

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Fritzner Simon says...

2 juillet 2004 mwen viktim ayiti anba men bandi eske diaspora ka fe peyisa

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Simon Fritzner says...

haiti se pa pou etrange se pou moun ki seriye

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