Kita Nago Haiti's National Pride

Kita Nago is a cedarwood stanchion, lifted onto the shoulders of participants, and carried on a 700-kilometer journey from the southwest to the northeast corner of Haiti. Harry Nicolas first thought of a procession that would travel through 45 cities and 7 departments, wending from Les Irois in the south to Ouanaminthe in the north, more than 3 decades ago. He wanted to create an event that would unite Haitians across all cultural and class divides. He had envisioned the project when barely out of his teens, but postponed it after being counseled he lacked sufficient maturity to undertake it. He agreed to wait.


Kita Nago, a polished cedarwood stanchion approximately 12 feet in length, the girth of an elephant leg, and weighing approximately 1,000 pounds, displays the Haitian national flag. It began its journey on January 1st in Les Irois. Stopping in Port-au-Prince, it was placed before the statue of Nèg Mawon, so President Martelly and First Lady Sophia could officially launch the 700-kilometer walk.

The bearers of Kita Nago are volunteers, participating in a relay, handing off the icon at each neighborhood, section, city, town, and department. The population, encouraged to walk in the procession, is asked for a donation of 200 gourdes for each kilometer completed. Those who cannot participate in the event can go online and access a GPS app to monitor the walk as it happens. Any community around the globe with an Internet connection can witness the voyage of Kita Nago, symbol of a united Haiti

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Nicole Jean Louis says...

It is a very interesting work of art. I love the purpose and symbolism behind it. As an artist myself, I greatly appreciate that artwork.

It shows once more the resilience of the Haitian people.

I love the electrifying way it is transported over the mass' shoulders.

Dessalines should be proud of you

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