Mob Violence In la Plaine and Les cayes over Petty Thefts

In recent months, outbreaks of senseless violence have occurred in Port-au-Prince and Les Cayes. Angry crowds of people have beaten to death young people they suspected of thievery, for something as minor as the theft of a mobile phone.


Saturday last, Port-au-Prince police reported cremated remains of two suspects and hanging of a third, by hostile bands of citizens. In La Plaine, police discovered incinerated bodies of two victims hog-tied, and a third also burned and hog-tied, found on Route National 2, near Port-au-Prince. In another violent incident in Santo, three young suspects accused of stealing motorcycles--in which one suspect escaped--were stoned and beaten with tire irons and set on fire.

Back in November 2011, hangings of victims, one in Port-au-Prince, the other in Les Cayes occurred. The Les Cayes victim, Pierre-Roland Amazan, was accused of participating in the murder of a cousin, Faubert Amazan. But it was the shooting and hanging of a victim in Port-au-Prince that shocked the public. His crime was an attempted theft of a Blackberry mobile phone.

In response to the increase of violence over thefts, within the past year, law enforcement has jailed all suspects in the vicinities where the burnings and lynchings occurred. Violent incidents such as these are far too common in favored regions of Haiti. The explanation for the cruelty is the underclass yearning for status objects, denied to them because they can't afford them. In addition, laxity of Haiti's courts, which routinely overlook these minor infractions, has left theft victims taking justice into their own hands.

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