Three thieves burned in tires (Pere Lebrun) in La Plaine, Port-au-Prince

It is with great sadness that news of three dead young boys reached the citizens of Haiti last week on Wednesday. The bodies were found in the wee hours of the morning having been killed and with their hands tied behind their backs and burned with vehicle tires. The three young boys were said to be a mob of thieves that had been terrorizing the cities and towns near La Plaine, Port-au-Prince and had given the residents a vey hard time for a while. It is therefore believed that the residents lynched the boys with the idea of trying to teach the residents a lesson.


Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the region a fact that has everything to do with bad past leadership and various other calamities such as the recent 2010 earthquake that rocked the country. It has been under heavy strain trying to keep up with the current trends in the various industrial sectors trying to promote the welfare of the country but with very little achievement.

It is thus not surprising that some of the young minds with a lot of energy are opting for easier and the as they see it the only way to make ends meet. They are engaged in these activities such as stealing sometimes with violence only because they have no other alternatives and if they have them no one gives them the chance to try them out.

However, the government is trying its best to keep up with the various programs aimed at helping and enabling al these young people get a good life as they deserve by introducing various programs and events that enable them achieve all this. This includes the recent energy program that has everything to do with young minds` education.

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Subject: Three thieves burned in tires (Pere Lebrun) in La Plaine, Port-au-Prince edit

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