Martelly to Lamothe, you could not be my candidate

It is either too hard to believe, coming from a good friend or it seems like a joke, but I don't think that Laurent Lamothe believed his good friend and former business partner Michel Martelly when he told him that he would not support him if he wants to run for president.


President Michel Martelly came out of his silence to make some interesting statements. His most important one had to do with his best friend Laurent lamothe and his wife, Sophia Martelly. In an interview given to newspaper Le Nouvelliste, President Martelly stated that it is not a secret that he doesn't support the candidacy of Laurent lamothe or Sophia martelly.

Both Laurent Lamothe and Sophia Martelly knew that he woud not support them, according to Martelly, because he realized that the other political parties are not comfortable with Lamothe as candidate who could surely win.

According to the president, he was afraid of an eventual boycott coming from the other political parties and that he did not want to risk the next election for anything in the world.

I will not say much but what do you think?

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Cher says...

if martelly care so much about boycotting of the election, then he should have opened it up to any able bodied citizen who want to run and let the public make its choice...

to hand pick candidates to include/exclude is by definition not an election but a selection...moun sot se danje pou la societe...tet chage.

Map gade vre pou we si pep ayitien pap boycott grimace sa...

Sorry this wreaks of betrayal and mischief.

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Julio De Castro says...

Quelle politique en Haiti.

Est-ce que les politicians haitiens sime vraiment

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