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Forced Divorce between Michel Martelly and Laurent Lamothe

A forced divorce between President Michel Martelly and his Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe seems to be unavoidable. One of the propositions that is included in the report that will be made public tomorrow by Haiti advisory committee created by Michel Martelly is the resignation of the Prime Minister.

Although it doesn't guarantee that this action will resolve the crisis between the government and the opposition who have been getting some strength and success in organizing mass protest, at this point the government doesn't have too many options left before January 12, 2014.

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Charles St-Remy AKA Kiko Vs Laurent Lamothe, Problem in the Presidential Family

What ever happened to: " Laver son linge sale en famille?

The protest of November 18, 2014 has revealed one thing if anything else. It has confirmed rumors that have been circulating out in the streets. It does in fact exists many different clans in the government of Michel Martelly and as in many territories controlled by clans, they will fight for control of territories.

The now open and unmistaken fight between Charles St-Rémy AKA Kiko and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe falls under this category. Kiko St. Rémy, Martelly's own brother-in-law, joined the marchers on November 18 to publicly demand the resignation of Prime Minister Lamothe.

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You can now travel the streets of Cap-Haitian by Boat, thanks to flood

The flood of November 2014 brought a new reality to the people in Cap-Haitian. Instead of getting a car, bicycle or a "Bourette", people now realized that they might want to invest in a boat and leave it at home or in their back yard. The use of a boat can actually become very useful in the city specially during flood that tend to occur more frequently.

Whether it is caused by lack of maintenance on the part of the Haitian government in these rivers around the city, a neglect from the public sector to manage garbage collected by the citizens of Cap-Haitian and that the people have no choice but to dispose of their garbage in the streets or it is just an effect of the global warming, we need to get ready.

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Homeland Government Meets Haitian Diaspora in Miami, Gouvenman an lakay ou

On Saturday, 19 July 2014, Haitian President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe along with other important ministers from several key departments attended a session at the North Miami Senior High to meet the members of the Haitian Diaspora in the United States. As a part of this social dialogue with representatives of the Diaspora, the President has discussed different ways that the Haitians and Haitian-Americans living in the US can play in a process of development to their homeland. They were informed about the recent social and economic developments in Haiti. The participants expressed their commitments towards own homeland and raised a number of issues and obstacles they usually face while dealing with the Haitian government and different institutions in their effort to do business or philanthropy work in Haiti. The government leaders and representatives heard their concerns and promised to solve most of these barriers. This meet was the 9th of the series but the first to be organized outside of Haiti. The Haitian Prime Minister has appreciated the importance of migrant remittance because that accounts about 20% of the country's GDP.

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Will Laurent Lamothe receive Discharge from Senate to run in Next Election?

President Michel Martelly as well as Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe have been busy, traveling the country. They are often met with fans, people who have approved their job performance so far. Many in the general public believe that the Martelly-Lamothe team is in a campaign mode and actually running their campagn for the next general election,while the campaign season is not officially open

If that is the case, would you say that this is not fair to the opposition who can not campaign until then?

The Martelly-Lamothe may have the advantage at this time, however, it may not hold for long. Just think for a moment that Laurent Lamothe is the chosen person for Martelly, the one that Michel Martelly will support in the next election to replace him.

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Nou Tande!, Laurent Lamorthe Pa kapab Mete point pye li nan Sena

Eske nou konnin ke Premye Minis Ayisyen-a, Laurent Lamothe, pa kapab mete print pye li nan Sena Ayisyen-an. Ah! Dapre sa ke mwin konnin, tout gro neg ke premye minis Laurent Lamorth ape fe__-a li konnin ke li pa kapab ale nan Senat pou li pa kite plim.

Ki sa li ye?

Ebyen, neg yo nan Sena-a di, depi Premye Minis Laurent Lamothe vini nan Sena-a, yo ape transfome li nan yon "Interpelasyion" et pi yo tou profite pou yo bali yon "Vot Non Konfyans", pou yo mete li Atè.

Neg yo reproche Premye Minis la pou anpil bagay. Yonn, yo di ke yo voye releminis Lamothe plizyer fwa, li pa janm vini. De, li change plisyer minis nan cabinet li, san Sena-a pa bay dison li sou yo.

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Laurent Lamothe at MIT to address poverty, education, and recovery initiative

Haiti's Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe, traveled to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge in early June to assist in formulating the next step of the MIT Haiti Initiative. He also met with MIT Sloan Executive Education Program (SEEP) management and faculty. MIT engineered MIT-HI to handle poverty relief, economic re-invigoration, and updating and democratizing education and reconstruction efforts. The MIT-HI was signed into action last year.

A multi-faceted program, it offers instructors professional development in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). SEEP has also given Haitian officials professional development as well. Executive Education Director, Pete Hirst, of MIT-SEEP explains innovation must become reality before real growth and recovery can happen in Haiti, and it can only happen from within the country.

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Why do Haitian Politicians love power so much?

We Haitians do not agree on many things; however, this is something many Haitians will agree on. Haitian Politicians are in love with power. For those who may not agree with me, you don't have to go far to see to what extent our politicians would go to be in a position of power. Just take a look at any election in Haiti, you will see the number of people wanting to occupy those positions of power. During a typical presidential election in Haiti, the number of candidates can reach anywhere from 40 to 50. During a Cabinet formation or reshuffling, some people you would not expect give up their dignity, prestige or affiliations they spent years building in a matter of second just to become the next Minister or Secretary.

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Martelly-Lamothe believe in Job creation, with more than 40 Ministers

Our government wants to remain true to its idea of of Job creation by increasing the number of Ministers and Secretaries in its Government. As a result of the new cabinet Reshuffle in Haiti, we now have more than 40, fully employed individuals; that is between Ministers and Secretaries of States.

Who said the the Government of Martelly-Lamothe doesn't believe in Job creation?

The business of Government or "Dirigen" in Haiti, leading the way to full employment in Haiti.

The government is likely to run into some problems with these new positions just created in the government. Where will the money come from to pay for this new positions? As a remark, the Executive increased the number of these ministers without the consultation of the Haitian Parliament.

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Laurent Lamothe, most powerful Haitian Prime Minister since 1987

It seems like no one can touch Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. According to Political Analyst, Daly Valet, this Government shake-up confirms that the Prime Minister has a hold on the Government. Daly Valet went further to say that Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Laurent Lamothe has been the most powerful Haitian Prime Minister since the adoption of the Constitution of 1987.

Now do you agree With Political analyst Daly Valet?

Do you think that Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is is the Most powerful Prime Minister of Haiti?

According to Daly, the new government is rather a government of closure, from Tèt Kale to Tèt Kale. I have also heard that this new Government shake-up was made in a way to have control over the next Presidential election of 2016.

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