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Ties in Bilateral Trade between Vietnam and Haiti

As per the Vietnam government's 2011 records, there is an increase in bilateral trade between Vietnam and Haiti. In 2010 there was a raise of $11 million in the two way trade after which it reached $40 million in 2011. Vietnamese exports are valued at around $15 million.

Haiti's Openness to Trade

Laurent Lamothe, Haiti's Prime Minister stated at the Monday meeting with Nyuyen Tan Dung, Prime Minister of Vietnam that the number stood at $19 million thorough the first six months of 2012. Lamothe continued to make efforts to push the message across that Haiti was open to trade.

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Godson Orelus installed as Director General of the National Police of Haiti (PNH)

In Haiti, security has always been a problem due to the lack of it. To address the issue, the Haitian government, in the entity of its senators, assigned the former director of the judicial police, Godson Orelus, to be the new Director General of the National Police of Haiti (PNH). Of the 18 senators, 17 were in favor of this presidential decree while only 1 senator abstained. Orelus replaced Mario Andresol for the position.

Earlier this month, Godson Orelus was officially given his new position and office in a ceremony at the PNH Police Academy. It was attended by Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, Minister of Justice and Public Security Jean Renel Sanon, several high-ranking officials of the PNH, civil and religious officials and personalities, as well as the representatives of several international institutions, organizations, and other nations.

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Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Honored by Barry University and St. Thomas University

Two universities in South Florida have expressed their appreciation towards alumni and Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe for his political efforts and contribution. Lamothe received the Distinguished Alumni Award from Barry University, where he graduated in 1996. He got a degree in Political Science at the university, which also gave the award to two other alumni - podiatric physician Dr. Luis Marin and Mimi Watson Sutherland. Sutherland spearheads Jackson Medical Center's GATE program.

Lamothe welcomed the award, saying that it was such an honor to receive such recognition from his alma mater. If not for Barry University, he would not be the man he is today, Lamothe added. The award is given to Barry graduates who have made great achievements in their fields, as well as those who uphold the university's values and mission. Business leaders, politicians, coaches, and teachers, among others, have been recognized in the past.

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Evans Paul of Konvasyon Inite Demokratik(KID), Laurent Lamothe not eligible

Evans Paul, leader of Konvasyon Inite Demokratik (KID), and member of the Alternative Platform, says that Laurent Lamothe, Prime Minister-designate, has refused to meet with the Alternative Platform as part of the ratification process to assume the office of Prime Minister. Instead, the Prime Minister-designate has chosen to meet only with members of parliament, trying to subvert the ratification process. Paul describes this move as "a bad practice." The Alternative Platform clearly sees that the Prime Minister-designate is not qualified to assume the responsibilities of office, and asks that Lamothe's deputy colleagues vote their conscience and " . . . assume their responsibilities, on voting day."

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Levaillant Louis Jeune regarding General Policy of Laurent Lamothe

In the Haitian politics Levaillant Louis Jeune started taking some crucial movements in the recent time. A lot has become a debate about the next Prime Minister of Haiti. The initial two weeks of May 2012, have been very decisive and also filled with lot of political controversies. The disputes for the selection of the new Prime Minister have been ratified. Laurent Lamothe is the new Prime Minister and Levaillant Louis Jeune, the president of the Lower House, presented a formal letter to announce his General Policy.

A lot of turbulence was seen in the house for the selection of the new Prime Minister of Haiti. The voting process was not simple and there was a lot of fuss and cry. Few Senators also walked down in protest and did not cast their votes. But, the majority of the house favored Laurent Lamothe and with 60 percent of votes in favor, he is chosen the next Prime Minister of Haiti.

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Haiti Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe, Seeks End to Corruption, Fraud and Smuggling

Prime Minister of Haiti Laurent Lamothe has set his sights on corruption, fraud, and smuggling in the country. He announced his determination and commitment to battling these crimes at a meeting with representatives of the Economic of Private Sector of Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The attendees of the meeting discussed measures aimed at fighting corruption in the government and other sectors, as well as tax fraud and smuggling incidents occurring along the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Lamothe called for a public-private partnership among the business people in order to crackdown on Corruption, Tax Fraud and Smuggling. The Haitian Prime Minister said the partnership can create a new policy aimed at making a much-needed change. Laurent Lamothe believes that putting an end to such crimes can lead to higher government revenues. And higher revenues mean better resources for the government to use in development efforts.

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Inauguration of Caracol Industrial Park the Crown Jewel of Northern Haiti

Opening ceremonies for Caracol Industrial Park (CIP) occurred on October 22, 2012. Michel Martelly, President of Haiti, hosted some of the biggest backers of northern Haiti's first industrial park, projected to eventually produce nearly 200,000 jobs. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, along with her husband, President Bill Clinton, presided over a crowd of investors and celebrities.

Haiti, the U.S., and the Inter-American Development Bank have donated a combined total of $464 million over the next six years. Other foundation and business donors are contributing to the development of Haiti's infrastructure.

Secretary Rodham-Clinton spoke before a lunch reception crowd. She told them that contributing to the sustained economic health of Haiti goes beyond sending relief aid to the earthquake-damaged island. On-going private investment in the infrastructure and economic initiatives to provide Haitians a better quality of life are key to raising Haiti out of its failed-state status. She said that although CIP was already in the planning stages before the 2010 earthquake shattered the country's infrastructure and economy, already feeble, the Obama administration has placed Haiti high on its priority list. The U.S. has followed through with a $124 million investment in CIP.

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Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Initiates Ede Pep Program in La Plaine du Nord

To meet the overwhelming need of the hunger that exists in much of Haiti, the government of Haiti (GOH) initiated a new government program, Ede Pep (Help People). Haiti Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe, traveled to La Plaine du Nord to hand out 2,500 baskets of food to residents.

Lamothe spoke at length about the goals of Ede Pep, which will benefit 50,000 people monthly. Its plan is to purchase from local farmers, which will help them improve their living conditions. The food bank will give out these food donations where the need is greatest.

Lamothe acknowledged the many problems the residents of La Plaine du Nord experience, and by extension "in all departments in all cities of the country." In particular, he addressed the damaged road conditions and theft of livestock that have plagued the city since the 2010 earthquake.

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Haiti Has developed a National Security Plan, Will it solve crime?

Accompanied with the Superior Council of the National Police last Tuesday, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe appeared before the Permanent Commission of Justice and Public Security of the Chamber of Deputies to discuss a national security plan for Haiti.

What does that mean?

There have been many of such meetings in the past why people in Haiti continues to be victims of violent crime, including armed robbery, homicide, rape, and kidnapping!

According to Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe: "Ensuring security in the country is a priority of the Government". He stated that he had a meeting with the Superior Council of the National Police and they have come to the two following agreements:

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Government shake-up in Haiti, Thierry Mayard-Paul out as Interior Ministry

We have just learned that the Haitian Prime minister has made a big change in his cabinet. Laurent Lamothe had announced several changes in his cabinet and one that really caughts my attention is the replacement of person in charge of the interior ministry. Thierry Mayard-Paul has been replaced by former Minister of Social Affairs Ronsard Saint-Cyr.


Do you know this famous Haitian proverb?: "De toro pa rete nan menm savann." The English version is "Two bulls do not stay in the same field"

Isn't Thierry Mayard-Paul a very good friend of President Michel Martelly?

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