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Haiti PM, Laurent Lamothe, Launches "Destination Ile a Vache" Tourism Project

The Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe visited the island of Ile a Vache, on August 20, 2013-- the most beautiful island in the Caribbean and a promising tourist destination in Haiti. He was accompanied by the Tourism Minister and the Minister of Social Affairs of the state. The Prime minister laid the first stone on the island's upcoming community centre that will include a library with a reading room, café and other entertainment amenities within its vast 120 square meter space. The Prime Minister said the project is the most ambitious project during the five year tenure of President Michel Martelly.

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Commissioners Give Flimsy Evidence in Judge Jean Serge Joseph's Death

Judge jean serge joseph recently died of a cerebral hemorrhage two days after attending a meeting regarding the corruption case against First Lady, Sophia Martelly, and son Oliver. Some believe Judge Joseph's death came at the hands of the Martelly-Lamothe administration.

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ), pressured to address Joseph's death, called for Parliament to form a committee to investigate the circumstances of the meeting. The Special Senate

The Committee's report concludes, after taking testimony from first- and second-hand sources, extreme pressure was exerted on Joseph to stop proceedings against Mrs. Martelly and Oliver Martelly. But the MOJ questions the conclusions of the Committee. It says prejudice and irrationality clouded the testimonies, and can't be given much credence.

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Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Speaks at Azure College Commencement Ceremony

Laurent Lamothe, Prime Minister of Haiti, attended the commencement ceremony at Azure College Nursing School in Fort Lauderdale in early August. As a keynote speaker, he stood before a gathering of graduate nursing students, their professors, and the Diaspora elite.

During Lamothe's talk, he encouraged graduates to apply their knowledge to be of service in their home towns. He congratulated them on earning their degrees and acknowledged the hard work and perseverance it took to finish their coursework.

He spoke of the establishment of Azure College by newly immigrated Haitians, who assimilated into American culture by gaining accreditation for Azure College. He added Azure College School of Nursing has distinguished itself, with a success rate of 100% job placements.

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Michel Martelly, Laurent Lamothe and Jean-Renel Sanon Indicted

The report of the Senate Special Committee that was investigating whether or not there was a meeting between Judge Jean Serge Joseph, and the executive branch prior to his death has come out.

The investigation in fact confirmed that President Michel Martelly, Prime Minister Laurent Lamother and the Minister of Justice Jean Renel Sanon indeed met the magistrate Jean-Serge Joseph. According to Senate Special Committee report, the meeting was held on July 11, 2013, at the Chambers of Garry Lissade. It was further revealed that the meeting was facilitated by Mr. Raymond Jean-Michel, the Dean of the Court of First Instance of Port-au-Prince.

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SWAT Team celebrates 17th anniversary

The 17th anniversary of the SWAT team of the Haitian Nation Police was a noteworthy affair for the Haitian government, as Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe paid a visit also in his capacity as the National Police's Superior Council President. Lamothe, in a briefing with the press, stated that the elite team was very important to the Haitian Police and needed the support of leadership in carrying out their duties well. He made the mission of his visit to figure out the requirements of the tactical team and to aid in the beefing up of the nation's security.

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Eighth Petrocaribe Summit Yields Trade Agreement Deal for Haiti

Laurent Lamothe, Haiti's Prime Minister, flew to Nicaragua for the Eighth Petrocaribe Summit held in Managua this year. Accompanied by President of Foreign Affairs, Wenceslas Lambert, and Marie Auguste, Deputy Minister for Human Rights and Fight against Extreme Poverty, they came to negotiate with Venezuela on forming an economic zone.

Eighteen countries constitute the Petrocaribe, a consortium of South Region nations. This year's summit was held on June 28th and 29th. President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela chaired the discussion panel and addressed the proposal of government of Haiti (GOH) for a trade program between the two countries. With the creation of an economic zone, it will be possible to increase Haiti's oil usage from 14,000-20,000 barrels per diem to a more beneficial quota.

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Government of Haiti Tells Diaspora Stop Investing in Canaan

Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe arrived in Canaan on an exploratory mission on 6/17/13. Canaan is one of many towns near Port-au-Prince that received thousands of 2010 earthquake survivors. The survivors erected a tent city and received emergency supplies of food and water from the government of Haiti (GOH) and other non-government organizations (NGOs).

Lamothe talked about an urbanization program that will make Canaan a habitable place, supplying it with essential services such as electricity, water, and septic systems. But a conflict is brewing between GOH and the Diaspora, who have been building housing in the area. It focuses on the questionable necessity of the GOH to control the vicinity so the Unit for Housing Construction and Public Buildings (UHCPB) can perform its work. The GOH is discouraging the Diaspora from any further construction activity because it would interfere with the UHCPB's work. A collateral reason to prohibit more construction is the problem of squatters on the land.

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Resignation of Minister of Haitians Living Abroad, Bernice Phidelia, dual nationality raised

According to the Communication Office of the Haitian Prime Minister, Bernice Phidelia, the Minister of Haitians living abroad, gave her resignation, Monday, June 10, 2013 to Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Religious Affairs, Pierre Richard Casimir will be assuming this function until further notice.

In less than six Months on the job, the Minister of Haitians Living Abroad, Bernice Phidelia had to call it a quit. She had taken office on 25 January 2013, following another cabinet reshuffle where she replace Mr. Daniel Supplice.

Bernice Phidelia left her position after accusations have been mounting against her that she nationality other than Haitian. According to Senator John Joel Joseph, she has dual nationality.

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Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe responded to Senate convocation, How did he do?

After 3 convocations not respected by Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, it finally took place yesterday, June 4th, 2013. The Prime Minister spent over 11 hours in the Senate answering questions from a number of Senators. He was threatened with a possible interpellation if he did not respond to this convocation.

According to comments from many Senators as well as many responses from social medias and radios so far, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe did not convince them with his responses yesterday. This includes explanations given on the use of 5 billion Gourdes disbursed during the period of emergency last year, projects in various departments, road construction, Airport construction as well as respect for the Haitian Constitution.

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Laurent Lamothe in love with diplomat Petra Nemcova

Petra Nemcova has been in the news for numerous reasons. More recently, Petra has been in the news for her relationship with the current Prime Minister of Haiti, Laurent Lamothe. Laurent Salvador Lamothe, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, was vocal about his relationship with Petra Nemcova when he was giving an interview for Ticket Magazine.

Petra Nemcova, a former Czech model, television host and philanthropist, is the founder and Chairperson of the Happy Hearts Fund. The Happy Hearts Fund was set up by Petra after her traumatic accident during a Tsunami that was caused by an earthquake in the Indian Ocean in 2004. Petra lost her then fiancé Simon Atlee, who was a photographer, during this tsunami.

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