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Lamothe wants the treatment Josefa Raymond Gauthier received

Former Prime minister Laurent lamothe stated that the electoral council that threw his candidacy out acted arbitrarily. He accused them for not giving him fair and equal treatment in the consideration of his case.

Lamothe mentioned that while his candidacy and that of two others were rejected, those same judges allowed former social affairs Minister Josafa Raymond Gauthier to continue as a candidate. it is important to note that Josafa Raymond Gauthier served as Minister of Planning who did not receive discharge just like lamothe. Another similarity, both lamothe and Gauthier required parliamentary clearance but did not receive it. The difference between them is that Gauthier did receive a positive audit report while many irregularities were found for Lamothe

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Lamothe's attorney, Salim Succar plans to appeal judges' decision

The rejection of the candidacy of Laurent Lamothe for President will not be taken as a "Fait Accompli". His attorney Salim Succar plans to challenge that decision taken by Haiti electoral council every step of the way.

As you may recall, Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is among the three individuals who were disqualified by electoral judges. Beside Lamothe, the electoral judges did not accept the candidacy of Anthony Bennett and Antoine Joseph. The Former Prime Minister's team has 72 hours to challenge the judges' recommendations.


Kandidati Laurent Lamothe pran "Kanet". Avoka li Salim Succar bay defi ke desizyon konsèy elektoral Ayiti-a pran pap kampe Lamothe nan wout li. Ansyen Premye Minis Laurent Lamothe nan mitan twa moun ki te diskalifye pa jij elektoral. San konte Lamothe, jij elektoral yo pa t 'resevwa kandidati Anthony Bennett ak Antoine Joseph . Ekip Ansyen Premye Minis la a gen 72 èdtan pou pote plint kont rekòmandasyon jij yo

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Laurent Lamothe candidacy rejected, Premye Minis Pran Kanet

It has been reported that the Bureau du Contentieux Électoral Départemental (BCED) de l'Ouest has decided not to accept the candidacy of Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. This information was made public by several radio stations in the Haitian capital. The former Prime Minister found himself among as many as more than 20 candidates for the presidential election who are reported to be disqualified for various reasons

Yon Radyo di ke Biwo kontansyeu Elektoral départemental (BCED) de l' Ouest deside pa aksepte kandidati Ansyen Premye Minis Laurent Lamothe . Dapre sous la, Ansyen Premye la ta pran "Kane". Li nan mitan anpil plis pase 20 kandida ki dwe diskalifye pou plizyè rezon

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Haitian Prime Minister Lamothe on Notre Dame D'Haiti

Haitian Prime Minister Lamothe gives credit to Haitian Diaspora for Reconstruction of Notre Dame d'Haiti Church

Haiti's Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe during the final months of his time in office in 2014 attended a special event in Little Haiti, the opening of the Notre Dame d'Haiti Church in Miami. The project to build the new church took eight years of strenuous labor and $5 million USD.

Lamothe, at the tail end of a global tour, gave credit to the Haitian Diaspora for their part in the re-building. He also acknowledged the Diaspora's donations to the Universal Schooling Program Free and Compulsory. In his remarks to the Little Haiti community he said, "We're here today, to show you the respect and solidarity of the Haitian government." Rev. Reginald Jean-Mary was quite moved by Lamothe's remarks and stated the new church reflected the ". . . faith and the unity of our Nation."

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Laurent Lamothe said he has no plans to run for President of Haiti

It seems to me the only person who doesn't know that Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is going to run in the next election in Haiti is Laurent Lamothe himself.

While everyone else is working hard to make it difficult for the former Prime Minister to become a candidate. In an interview with The Tennessean, Lamothe once again stated that he has no plans to run for President of Haiti.

Former Prime Ministers Jean-Max Bellerive and Laurent Lamothe are currently seeking discharges. However, Haiti Audit Court released a report recently that is not favorable to these two. It cites serious irregularities in 2013-14 during their government.

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Jean-Max Bellerive and Laurent Lamothe most clarify contracts to Estrella

What do the Haitian population need to do in order to get some clear and straight talk from both Former Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive and Laurent Lamothe on the distribution of contracts following the 2010 Haiti earthquake? Will that remain a mystery for ever? Are these two going to be allowed to run in the next election without giving some explanation?

I demand an explanation!

According to a report just release by the Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative (CSC/CA), the find that most of the contract issued following the 2010 earthquake, irregular. The report also suggested that the Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative has serious suspicions on the way these contract wwere given to foreign companies. The report also estimated that 68% of the contract were awarded to three foreign companies; that various abuses were recorded

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Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, elections no later than early 2015

Finally responding to the spate of questions surrounding the date for the Haitian elections, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe said that people could count on the elections to be held no later than early 2015. The opportunity will come, he explained, after the six senators accused of holding the elections "hostage" will no longer be able to do so as their terms will have come to an end.

The long-awaited elections remains postponed due to the failure of the Haitian Senate to organize a vote for the proposed electoral law. While Prime Minister Lamothe says the country can be assured of an election by early next year if the standstill continues, he expressed hope that it will not come to that.

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Wencesclas Lambert di: Premye Minis Lamothe pap fe ron pot sanCensur Palman-an

Mezanmi, nou panse Kiz sa fini. Se pa vre di tou. Senate Wenceslas Lambert monte o Kreno pou li di ke Premye Minis Laurent Lamothe p ka kite post li san ke Palman Ayisyen-an pa ba li yon vot Censur.

Pou Senatè-a ki ape sipote Gouvenman-a, Premye Minis la Pa dwe fè yon Pa Kita, Yon Pa Nago san ke Palman-an pa prononce li

Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe will not leave his post unless censure by the Parliament, said Senator Wenceslas Lambert

Problem an Ayiti pa janm piti

Ki sa nou panse?

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Overthrowing Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe would be a big mistake, Bill Clinton

According to Former US President Bill Clinton, Laurent Lamothe has done a really good job as Prime Minister in Haiti

The former US President think that Haiti was growing economically like crazy during the past four years and he admitted that Haiti is a complicated country,"

Kreyol Pale Kreyol kompran

Ansyen Prezidan Ameriken-a pale oui. Sa ki vle koute, koute!

Li di ke sa pa depan de li pou Laurent Lamothe ale oubyen rete, min nou kapab regrete si li pa Premye Mimis ankor. Li di ke Ayiti te ape devlope pandan 4 ane sa yo ki te pase-a.

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Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe has 8 days to resign or by December 17

Do you think Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is really on his way out?

As it has been the case many times in the past, tomorrow, December 12, will be yet another very important day for Haiti. This is the day when President Michel Martelly will make his final decision known on the various recommendations of the Presidential Consultative Commission.

The most important decision he will have to make however will be whether or not he will keep his good friend Laurent Lamothe as Prime Minister.

The Presidential Consultative Commission who recommended the resignation of Prime Minister Lamothe also proposed a roadmap to have it done sooner than later. Based on the recommendations, Laurent lamothe would only have 8 days lest before he resigns or by no later than December 17, 2014.

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