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Prince Charles and Haiti PM Laurent Lamothe Meet to Discuss Recovery

Laurent Lamothe, Prime Minister of Haiti, flew to London, England recently to sit down with the Royal Family's Prince Charles to talk about the reforestation and construction projects, part of the Government of Haiti's plans to restore and improve the country's natural and historical resources.

Prince Charles, an avid gardener, has created a stunning and unconventional garden at his country estate, Highgrove, an example of state-of-the-art organic gardening. He has taken an active interest in the reforestation effort going on right now in Haiti. His foundation has donated two million organic seedlings to be planted throughout the country by September 2012.

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Lamothe Visits Prince Charles for Talks on Developing Haiti

The Haitian Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe paid an official visit to the United Kingdom on Thursday, July 26, 2012. He had gone to meet with the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles in order to discuss matters of Haitian interest. The prime minister had gone to seek commitment of the United Kingdom in Haiti. This is a historic visit expected to bring dramatic changes in Haiti.

The two, Prince Charles and Prime Minister Lamothe talked on matters involving the reconstruction of a historic centre which was devastated by the 2010 earthquake. The quake which struck Port-au-Prince and the neighboring cities is said to have a magnitude of 7.0. It left the historic center into ruins and since then, it needs more funding in order to help in its reconstruction.

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The ministerial cabinet of the government Laurent Lamothe

The new Ministerial cabined for Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is out and we have the names. Many of the same individuals were kept in their positions. Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe presented his general policy before the Haitian Senators and it was approved before midnight on May 8, 2012

The ministerial cabinet of the government Martelly-Lamothe is composed of 16 Ministers. Here they are:

Ronsard St-Cyr, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor

Thomas Jacques, Minister of Agriculture Natural Resources and Rural Development

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Religious Affairs - Laurent Lamothe

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Watch The ratificacation of Prime Minister designated Laurent Lamorthe - Live on Video

The ratificacation of Prime Minister designated Laurent Lamorthe is underway live. Watch it on Live Stream - La Presidence live

Will Laurent Lamorthe be ratified tonight as Prime Minister of Haiti or not?

Watch it here and now

Date: May, 3, 2012

Time: 9:00pm

La Presidence live

HERE is The Link to watch it Live:

(The last video on the list)

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Laurent Lamothe at the 6th Summit of the Americas in Colombia

The designated prime minister of Haiti, Laurent Lamothe is to be attending the 6th summit of the Americas in Colombia on behalf of the president Michel. The summit is organized by the Organization of American States (OAS) and this year it is dedicated to the integration and the economic prosperity of the region. The president was scheduled to go for the summit but due to the surgery he had on his right shoulder earlier last week he canceled the trip on recommendation of his doctors. Though the president has recovered, going for the trip would jeopardize his recovery and interfere with his therapy sessions.

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Haiti's Senate approved Haiti prime minister nominee Laurent Lamothe

The 39 years old Laurent Lamothe who is currently the minister of Foreign Affairs, was nominated on Tuesday evening by the senate. This is a ratification of president's Michel choice. Laurent has been friends with the president for some time now. The post for prime minister has been vacant for 6 months since president Michel got into a personal indoor crash with the former holder of the post, Garry Conille. Martelly picked Laurent Lamothe as his nominee in March after his first prime minister.

Laurent Lamothe was in the telecommunication business before he turned into politics. He won the elections by 19 to 3 in his favor. The results, though not rigged, were criticized by opposition leader Steven Benoit who claimed that Laurent has not lived in the country for the past 5 years and has not been paying his taxes. Now all that remains is for Laurente Lamothe to go through the Chamber of Deputies for final approval. The new prime minister will be in charge of jump starting rebuilding efforts related to the massive 2010 earthquake that have been slow to take hold in part because of unabated infighting between Martelly and his critics in Parliament. With a prime minister the country will be able to speed up the process of reconstruction.

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Martelly said Lamothe has Foreign Citizenship, confirmed Deputy Sorel Jacinthe

In a meeting president Michel Martelly is rumored to have admitted prime Minister-designate Laurent Lamothe had foreign nationality. Deputy Sorel Jacinthe had confirmed the rumors but when pursued on the issue he declined to comment. The meeting was first leaked by Senator Jean-Charles. It took place when the former prime minister resigned. Jean-Charles said that the meeting took place after the fall of Daniel Rouzier, Martelly's first choice of a Prime Minister in the summer of 2011.

When the president was asked about the designation of Laurent Lamothe for Prime Minister the president said that he could choose Lamothe because he held citizenship in a foreign country. Deputy Sorel Jacinthe confirmed that President Martelly indeed made this revelation. All this is happening when Laurent is about to be sworn in as prime minister for the region as he was already sworn in by the senate on Tuesday night.

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Beaking News - Laurent Lamorthe Designated New Prime Minister By Martelly

It is official. The persen selectd to replace Dr. garry Conille for the posiion of Prime Minister in Haiti is no other than Mr. Laurent Lamorthe.

Laurent Salvador Lamothehas been the Minister of Foreign Affairs since October 2011.

Laurent Salvador Lamothe was born on August 14, 1972 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He has a Masters degree in business management and has become a successful businessman. Laurent Salvador Lamothe founded Global Voice Group, a telecommunications company with his business partner, Patrice Baker.

Now that h selection is made by President Michel Martelly, the ball is on the court of the Haitian lagislators to confirm Laurent Lamothe as Prime Minister.

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Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Wants to Combat Smuggling at the Haitian-Dominican Border

Prime Minister (PM) Lamothe is cracking down on illegal contraband smuggled on the Haitian-Dominican border. His primary objective is to replenish the government coffers that have been drained by untaxed goods by-passing inspections.

Laurent Lamothe met with officials of the Economic Forum of Private Sector Affairs at the end of June, to discuss strategies for monitoring the Haitian-Dominican border. Besides the problem of contraband, Lamothe also addressed peripheral issues that obstruct the efficiency and efficacy of government services.

The purpose of gathering together the EFPSA was to join forces and alert the public that smuggling and tax fraud, among other crimes, will not be tolerated and will incur heavy penalties, including jail time, depending on the severity of the crime.

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President Michel Martelly holds citizenship in foreign countries, Senator Moise Jean-Charles

May the real Haitian stand up. According to Senator Moise Jean-Charles President Michel Martelly has renounced his Haitian citizenship and is not qualified to be president.

In this article, I am including the picture of a passport that was circulating on the web recently about a passport from the president. It is clearly a fake document

The declaration of the Haitian Senator did not stop at the Head of state. The senate commission that investigated the nationalities of the government found out that the government has many members who are currently foreign citizens. Beside President Michel Michel Martelly, Senator Moise Jean-Charles also listed the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Laurent Lamothe, the Minister of Tourism Stephanie Balmir Villedrouin and the Secretary of State for the Interior, Georges Racine.

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