Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Wants to Combat Smuggling at the Haitian-Dominican Border

Prime Minister (PM) Lamothe is cracking down on illegal contraband smuggled on the Haitian-Dominican border. His primary objective is to replenish the government coffers that have been drained by untaxed goods by-passing inspections.


Laurent Lamothe met with officials of the Economic Forum of Private Sector Affairs at the end of June, to discuss strategies for monitoring the Haitian-Dominican border. Besides the problem of contraband, Lamothe also addressed peripheral issues that obstruct the efficiency and efficacy of government services.

The purpose of gathering together the EFPSA was to join forces and alert the public that smuggling and tax fraud, among other crimes, will not be tolerated and will incur heavy penalties, including jail time, depending on the severity of the crime.

Haiti President Martelly has urged the formation of more public-private partnerships to combat the many illegalities that weaken the infrastructure of government and by extension the country's.

The PM expressed the hope that an "awakening citizen" would come forward to assist the Government of Haiti (GOH) in implementing its new policies. Um, a lot of smoke and mirrors from Lamothe. What is he really saying? We want more private investment because the GOH doesn't have enough money and the EFPSA will not waste another penny on our disorganized, chaotic government. (At least that's the way they seemed at the meeting).

Laurent Lamothe also asked for the support of the national and global communities for the new policies. But will the "awakening citizen" show up? Warren Buffet, where are you?

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Subject: Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Wants to Combat Smuggling at the Haitian-Dominican Border edit

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