President Michel Martelly holds citizenship in foreign countries, Senator Moise Jean-Charles

May the real Haitian stand up. According to Senator Moise Jean-Charles President Michel Martelly has renounced his Haitian citizenship and is not qualified to be president.


In this article, I am including the picture of a passport that was circulating on the web recently about a passport from the president. It is clearly a fake document

The declaration of the Haitian Senator did not stop at the Head of state. The senate commission that investigated the nationalities of the government found out that the government has many members who are currently foreign citizens. Beside President Michel Michel Martelly, Senator Moise Jean-Charles also listed the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Laurent Lamothe, the Minister of Tourism Stephanie Balmir Villedrouin and the Secretary of State for the Interior, Georges Racine.

If this is found to be correct, what should happen to President Michel Martelly?

Will the Haitian Senate find enough "Melon" to ask President Michel Martelly to leave?

What will likely happen to the cabinet members, namely: Laurent Lamothe, Stephanie Balmir Villedrouin and Georges Racine, if the allegations prove to be true?

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Pwenfepa says...

In your attempt to be funny, you unfortunately came across as an idiot.

Very sad, isn't

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Monel says...

Guest did Donald Trump get jail for accused President Barrack Obama not getting US birth certificate, that's mean Trump said Obama not american, then OBAMNA in good person responsible shown his birth certificate yo the american people.

Let me tell you I'm not a MOISE JEAN CHARLES defense, but I have to remain you that MOISE elected for 6 years with umminity, aand at the same he did his paliarmentary's job, I don't blame you if you love TET KALE, I don't care, but I want you to watch you mouth before talking, Said MOISE JEAN CHARLES will be in jail, who gonna do that, you or you president Miguelo Martielito Sweet micko.

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you will be in Jail Moise.

you lie moise Jean charles.

se president Preval ki mete ou sou moun.

photo ke ou montre wap travy pou scammer.

parceque yo kon fe passepart pou moiun, si ou bezyon bob passprt ak citizenship yon moun, se pou we secreatry of US department of home lans security.

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Monel says...

Mesye nou pa bezwen ap joure konsa, karot la kwit deja. se Martley selman ki ka fe karot la pa separe.

Moise Jean charles twopiti pou li ta paret ak yon dosye konsa.

Dosye sa-a paret depi Martely te finn pomet mesye Clud de Madrid yo la pral pibliye konstitisyon amande-a, apwe sa li tounen sou desizyon li di met gera groug di li pa pibliye konstitisyon sa-a li gen pyeg ladan-l.
Enben Martely pwan nan 3 rwa, yonn nan 3 rwa yo se rwa kite sott. Moise gen anpil bwa deye banann li.Jan Martely gen gro djol, renmen pale anpil, si li kapab se pou li radote sil kapab, mwen mete-l an defi, le seante Bisret ak martely a we longe Lambert ak Club de

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Pwenfepa says...

Djol mwen pa santi, enbesil,abitan, gwo soulie, vakabon sal, san benye, sangwen,malpouwont, kolangyet manman'ou twa fwa pa

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Reginald Eugene says...

Se djol ou ki santi pito paske Moise jean charles ap fe travay li.ou pa konn sa wap di vagabon santi .Micky konn monte manman

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Pwenfepa says...

There are obviously some sick people out there trying to destabilize an
already fragile country like Haiti.

For starters, since the so-called Haitian senators have impunity, this Moise Jean-Charles should be censured and demoted by his acolytes in the Haitian Senate and arrested for defamation and inciting riots in the country with his false accusations against the President of Haiti.

I have noted the same gross errors reported by the previous writer on this obviously photoshoped US passport.

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Nancy Sanon says...

firt of all we have to now if moise jean charles telling the truth before doing anything crazy haitain people stay calm dont do

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Monel says...

BEBE tout moun we paspo ki poste-a se yon fek. Dapwe dosye Joseph lambert gen nan men-l montre ke "el sweet micko, el Italiano del haitiano".Semenn pase martely fe 2 ze detan kay J. Lambert jou ke Moise Jean charles eklate kkrat-la.
BeBe Mwen konnen ou renmen El Presidente Sweet

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Monel says...

Ti Joseph mwen pa konen si-ou te konn ale nan bal sweet micky Michel Martely yo.OU ka raple-ou nan yon misik ti simone te fe pandan misik la ap jwe, Martely te di:"sweet micko el Italiano del haitiano "OU sonje tou li te di-l prezidan konpa, jounen jodia li rive prezidan.Men tou "sweet micko le Italiano del haitino se nan ke martely mo sa yo te sorti.

Mwen dako ave-ou ke djol Moise Jean charles santi wi, men pawol li di yo pa santi, Mete rob ti simone sou li pou-l lave manman yo, ou we monseye Louis Kebreau te di martely mete kostim ti simone nan pou li dirije peyi-a.ou we saki te manke rive-l nan dosye Anel Belizaire-a.
Ti Joseph mwen pa ta swete wap bay martely konsey pou mete an ti simone, paske Lambert, youri latortue, steven benoit yon bann animal politik ap frape martely fo nan dosye doub nasyonalite-a, si li pa pibliye Konstitisyon amande-a.Lambert itilize Moise Jean charles kom vagabon djol santi pou koresponn ak yon lot

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