Lunise Morse, wife of Richard Morse likely to Run for Senate under Fanmi Lavalas Party

The field is getting crowded. The next election in Haiti is definitely going to be something interesting. According to The Associated Press, Richard Morse, manager of the Hotel Oloffson and the leader of the musical band RAM, already met with Former Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide three times in the past two weeks to discuss the possibility of his wife, Lunise Exume Morse, to run for the Senate seat under Fanmi Lavalas banner.


Richard Morse is a first cousin to president Michel Martelly. He left the government last January for what he called "corruption" in the National Palace. The Morses are considering for Lunise Exume Morse to run as candidacy for the west department in the next election likely to take pale in 2013 or 2014.

Lunise and Richard Morse have been married since 1989. They sings together in the popular musical band RAM and run the historic hotel in the Capital, the Hotel Oloffson. At one point, Richard Morse was an Aristide supporter. He later became one of the more outspoken critics of his presidencies.

In regard to rumors that would make people believe that Jean-Bertrand Aristide was considering running for the Senate seat, Richard Morse told the press that Aristide willl not be a candidate, "He's a coach. He's an adviser."

This Wednesday, Jean Bertrand Aristide will be in court to answer a judge's questions about the case of a slain journalist Jean Leopold Dominique. This is by itself an event to watch as many of his supporters are expected to be present at downtown Port-au-Prince courthouse

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Ricclavie says...

It is a good idea. I support feminism worldwide.

If her qualification fits the Haitian Constitution.

I wish her the best

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Subject: Lunise Morse, wife of Richard Morse likely to Run for Senate under Fanmi Lavalas Party edit

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