Michel Martelly became the new President of Haiti in Blackout

The historic moment just happened in total Blackout. President Rene Preval just transferred power to Michel Martelly this morning around 9:45am. Everything happened in an orderly fashion


The most important event is a Blackout that happened during the process.

Port-au-Prince in blackout

The two presidents were very amicable during this process. The former President, Rene Preval, wanted to make a speech, but it could not happen due to the unfortunate blackout.

Sa fe Ront.....

The phenomenon of Blackout during the event was more of an event in itself

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Gessy says...

This is a disgrace I don't care if you like the new president or not but you should have a back up ready in case of black out and for that, who ever is managing this institution should be fired next day point

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Mondie says...

sak pa kontan

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Episakpakontan says...

Yo tap espere ke Michel tapral klere chamb nan avek bouda li, min yo pren nan rez. Li prezidan e li prezidan net.

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Neg Maron says...

And God created the universe out of total darkness,,, And God created light as the first of creation...

and there was change from darkness to light.

Let it

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Eagleman says...

SEM. Michel M dwe monte yon komisyon pou fe anket sou sabotaj ki te fet sou rezo kouran nan palman an pandan envestiti a. Tout koupab yo dwe peye pou sa yo fè peyi a devan kamera lemond

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Subject: Michel Martelly became the new President of Haiti in Blackout edit

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