Sharon Pierre-Louis, Haitian American actress

Sharon Pierre-Louis is an American actor who has made it simply out of great and exceptional talent which she realized long enough to warrant excellence and success. She is born of Haitian parents who had immigrated to the states in the 1980s and had her born in the country making her a citizen by birth. She has 5 other siblings one of whom is a deaf brother.


Sharon Pierre-Louis is a great actor having been involved with various ABC series and programs and making it big on the shows she has done to the present day. She is one of the few people who have been able to make it simply out of great talent and love for what they do. She is recorded of saying that she was a great fan of acting while still in her young years such that she even began acting at the age of 8.

Sharon has since made it big being able to get to so many shows all over until she finally settled in the ABC shows where she has done exceptionally well. There are so many shows she has done that have made big hits among them being the CSI Miami and the famous ABC Family drama Lincoln Heights.

This is why she is widely known all over the world by many and as such she is one of the few ladies to watch out for as she is expected in the near future to make it big and great in the acting career. There are so many ways Sharon Pierre-Louis can be described of being a role model one of which is by the kind of life she has so far led. There is a big difference between the kind of life she grew up in the kind she is currently leading.

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