Jonathan Vilma, Linebacker, open Academy for Peace and Justice School in Haiti

New Orleans Saints linebacker, Jonathan Vilma, recently opened an academy in Haiti which is known as the Jonathan Vilma Foundation. This institution is meant to enable all the children around the region get an education where he is able to provide most of the basic needs for these kids without much hassle on their part. This is because he is providing them with everything they need including an all paid for education. He raised $50,000 for this project and says that so for everything is working out just fine with everything intended being in place.


The Super Bowl Champ is working to have his suspension by NFL lifted by engaging in various activities that may prove him qualified to get back to his love which is playing the game of his choice. This is why he has been involved with so many act ivies in Haiti where he was born and raised for a couple of years until he moved with his family to the US. However, he still has some family members in Haiti where he still visits when he is able.

The champ also gave away plans to build a new BBQ restaurant in his home town of MIA it is for this reason that the great star is visited his home country frequently and why he expects much to change during his time and stay around. He is optimistic that past occurrences in the country cannot and will not deter him from achieving whatever the citizens want and should have. This is in line with past situations in the country that have left it desperately requiring help such as the 2010 earthquake which tore the country to pieces.

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