Gosder Cherilus, Detroit Lions offensive tackle

Gosder Cherilus is a Haitian born football star who has made it in the limelight out of his great and exceptional talent on the field. He plays for Detroit Lions of the National Football League as an offensive tackle where so far he has shown a great deal of talent and expertise. He is one of the few players who have made it out of their being very much dedicated at what they do such that he is one of the few players who are able to make a great chance out of nothing by just getting into the field and doing what they do and only know.


Gosder Cherilus was able to get into the national team after being drafted by the Detroit Lions being 17th overall in the 2008 NFL Draft. He is thus a grown and nurtured talent that has only worked in the last couple of years to ensure this is only grown and not wasted.

Before getting into national teams Cherilus used to play football for his high school which was Somerville High School in Somerville, Massachusetts. It is here that he got to be well-established and familiar with the game since he was able to easily nurture his talent and groom it to what it is today. It is here also that he was drafted into the national team and thus has a lot to give thanks for to his school.

In 2004 Gosder Cherilus made it being the first redshirt freshman to start in the eagles making a great achievement of 80.1% grade for blocking consistency. He eventually proceeded to making other bigger and greater achievements where he was able to get to the far that he has so far. He is thus a great player who can easily be the next big thing.

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