Dr. Daniel Mathurin died following a traffic accident

On Sunday February 17, 2013 while navigating a corner on a road in the Dominican Republic, Dr. Daniel Mathurin suffered injuries from a car crash that would later claim his life. In the wake of this tragic loss of one of Haiti's most venerated scientists, his achievements in research and geophysics, including his speculations on the wealth of tangible and intangible resources to be found in Haiti, is cast back into the forefront of public awareness.


Extensive work he carried out with the wife he has succeeded, shows that Haiti is rich with hydrocarbons. Together, they had also discovered 20 oil sites in the country, five of which they described as being of great importance in the realms of oil speculation and politics. It is research that has led some to question whether or not the 2010 earthquake which all but leveled Haiti and left over 300,000 dead was not caused by clandestine drilling by foreign governments or entities.

Having described Haiti's oil reserves as an Olympic pool when compared to Venezuela's 'glass of water' reserve, Mathurin listed the sites of Thomonde, Cornillon and the bay of Port-au-Prince as containing vast oil deposits; contending that former administrations, including that of Jean Claude Duvalier, had verified the existence of these sites. He stated however, that some of these deposits were declared U.S. strategic reserves, though the authorized use of them was granted in 2005; he urged the country to take advantage of this.

Following his death, President Michel Martelly stated that, 'through his speeches and panel discussions, [Mathurin] contributed to awaken the spirit of our compatriots on the resources and the intrinsic value of our country.'

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