Managing Panic Attacks

Learning to manage a panic attack is the difference between living a full life or a severely constricted one.


One of the primary ways to manage a panick attack is to understand what you are experiencing is a panic attack, not a heart attack, as is so often the perception.

When you feel a panic attack coming on, calm down. This is an effective and powerful response to feeling out of control that so often accompanies an attack.

Repeat a mantra, something as simple as 'I'm going to be okay'.

Take a few deep breaths, reassuring yourself with words that feel comforting.

Stay in the present. This is important. If you allow your thoughts to race, this will intensify the attack.

If you're driving in your car on the freeway and a panic attack happens, take control.
Calm yourself with your comfort phrase.

Avoid thoughts like, I'm going to die, have an accident, etc.

Slow your car and pull onto the shoulder of the road.

Look for an off-ramp. Taking these actions will shift focus away from the fear.

Take care of yourself. Get off the freeway and into slower traffic. Find a Starbucks and settle in with a cup of coffee.

Congratulate yourself on having successfully prevented a full-fledged panic attack.

If you've developed a panic disorder, medication and meditation can be effective deterrents to future attacks. Panic attacks occur as a result of certain stressors in life. Figuring out what these stressors are can help you manage or prevent future attacks.

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