Medication and Therapy Best Practices for Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder

Panic attacks and their off-spring, panic disorder, can be both managed and treated.


Treatment for panic attacks or panic disorder falls under three categories: medication, therapy, and health regimen.

Medication options that prescribing physicians use to treat panic attacks or panic disorder include a variety of antidepressants, anti-seizure, anti-anxiety, and heart medications.
The therapy treatment plan most effective uses both cognitive and behavioral approaches. During the first phase of therapy, information about panic attacks and panic disorder and its commonplace occurrence in many people's lives offers reassurance the sufferer is not losing their mind, or is at risk of suffering a heart attack. The second phase introduces behavior modification techniques to overcome negative perceptions about panic attacks and panic disorder.

Other therapy techniques include patient identification of panic attack triggers and desensitization exercises to mimic the physical symptoms of an attack. Mental health professionals agree that medication and cognitive-behavioral therapy is the most optimal treatment plan for panic attacks and panic disorder.

Relaxation techniques, although not strictly therapeutic, can also be highly effective. Learning breath control and constructive visualization helps the sufferer regain a sense of control over themselves when an attack starts.

A disciplined health regimen also helps the sufferer lessen the chances of panic attacks or their severity. Establishing regular and healthy eating habits, adequate sleep hours, frequent exercise, and avoidance of stimulants (coffee, tea, cold medicines, alcohol, and cocaine) is recommended to manage or avert future attacks.

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