Haitian Father can no longer come home for beating problem son

A Haitian pastor in Port Chester though that he was doing what he needed to do to prevent his son from becoming a delinquent and likely a criminal or a problem to society found himself in jail for just that. Pastor Precie Guerrier was in court on December 18, 2013, facing charges for beating his 12 year old son because the son was behaving badly in school.


Mezanmi koze pa pou ou. Eske nou tande problem? Yon pastè Aysyen ki touve li ape reponn kestion lajistis paske li ape eseye korije yon ti moun li ki ape bay problem lekol. Eske li tap pi bon si ke paran ti gacon sa te kite li ak komporman sa olye ke li eseye fosse li change li? Eske se pa minm problem sa yo ke anpil paran ayisyen trouve yo lè ke ti moun yo decide pou yo bay problem?

According to the Police, the boy ran away but the parent did not call authorities to report it. The judge ordered Pastor Precie Guerrier to stay away from his home as well as his son.

Nou vle tande kisa ki pi interesan toujou? Jij la di pou papa ti moun nan pa rete nan kay la jiskaske li retounin nan la jistis ankô

Mezanmi, nou ouè nan ki problem nou kapab mete nou ak ti moin isit?

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Sage says...

We have a lot of Haitian Kids deported or in jail for years.

Because they don't want to listen to their parents.

A man who work Hard in USA to become something special and your kids take bad ways. It's a great question!

This Pastor I know him, He has an equivalent Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Diploma in Accounting.

His son can't be a drug dealer, a murder, a problem for the

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Jules Casseus says...

Se dommage ke paran ayisen yo ki ap viv a letranje pa aprann koman lot kili fonksyone.

Gen anpil free ayisyen ki fe gwo echelon nan fanmi yo kote gen anpil an timoun yo ki ap jemi nan prizon San konte sa yo

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Virginia says...

As long the Father did not abuse the son, he have every right to discipline his son.This system is all mess-up, because that same judge will give that boy 20 years to life when he brake the law.I said nonsense send this boy to Haiti, we Haitians parents worked so hard to make sure our kids have a better lives, you tell me that's what we get.Just say pray for this family for God to give them

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