UN chief appoints Paul Farmer as special advisor on Haiti

Cholera has been Haiti's worst health problem for the past few years. From 2010 to the present, there has been a series of outbreaks of this contagious, deadly disease, claiming the lives of about 8,000 Haitians and hospitalizing thousands of men, women, and children. With the country's health care insufficient for its people and in poor conditions and without immediate action, the outbreak could get worse in the next few years to come.


To address Haiti's cholera and health care problem, the United Nations, who has been very active in helping out the country since the 2010 earthquake, delegated the Doctor Paul Farmer from the United States as the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon's special advisor for Community Based Medicine and Lessons on Haiti last December. Several of Farmer's duties are to assist in building support for the fight against cholera in the country and give advice and education on the different medical techniques and alternatives that could be utilized and applied in Haiti and other affected places.

Farmer has always had a passion for Haiti and its people. He has travelled and stayed in the country numerous times for long periods since 1983, providing his services in several public health clinics and learning to speak in Creole. Farmer was able to gain international attention and support for Haiti, his second home, through publishing a series of books he has written, such as AIDS and Accusation, The Uses of Haiti, Infections and Inequalities and Pathologies of Power. He also founded Partners in Health, an international organization that gives free direct health care services to countries and individuals in need and conducts researches and different advocacy activities and projects for the less fortunate and the sick.

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