10,000 jobs are expected in Haiti Garment Industry

The job market is expected to be booming in Haiti in a relatively short period of time. If you are able and willing to work, you will be able to find job in Haiti.


The "Haitian Joudalist" learned that South Korea, The United States and the World Bank just signed an agreement to created at least 10,000 jobs in Haiti in the garment manufacturing industry. The Korean clothing producing company, Sae-A will create a brand new industrial park in Haiti just for this operation.

We are looking at Haiti in the near future to become one of the leading exporters of clothing products for the world. The Haitian government is in the planning phase of constructing this new industrial park. It is expected to be located in the North, close to the capital. New port and roads will be built to facilitate transportation.

Haiti is back in business and this time, it's for good.

What is your opinion on this matter?

Do you agree with this new project for Haiti?

Do you think this will help the population or it is a new form of exploitation?

Do you think Haiti is finally in the path of a lasting recovery?

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Jean Bertrand says...

This is a great opportunity for the Haitian-Americans to apply and be part of the American dream.

We do need more Haitians in these positions in America.

Just like people from other nations living in the U.S. we need to be counted.

We should not be doing the jobs of housekeeping, diswashing, etc

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