Antonio Cromartie, professional football player San Diego Chargers

Antonio Cromartie is one of the players in the US who has made a great career by simply playing his heart out. He is an American cornerback for the New York Jets of the National Football League. He got into football after being recruited by the San Diego Chargers after being drafted in the 2006 NFL Draft becoming 19th overall.


Cromartie has thus made a big career as a player where he has so far garnered a great popularity and where he is very much loved by all his fans all over the country. He got into the teams after a great show in his high school years where he used to play for the teams. He attended school at Lincoln High School where he presented a great show of his abilities recording great achievements.

He then preceded to college where he opted to stay close to home and where he was able to get a chance at the college football team at Florida State. Antonio Cromartie thus became more popular out of the various games he played where he presented such a great show of might and where he ended up being drafted into the nationals. He has ever since only worked to perfect his abilities and talents such that there are number of games he has presented great shows and achievements.

In 2006 Antonio Cromartie suffered a knee injury during one of their practice sessions. This made a great impact in his career since he had to miss out on an entire season where the chance he had got to play in wide receiver in his junior year was taken away. Despite this he was still able to make it into the drafting in 2006 where he was ranked 19th overall.

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