Deputy Gracia Delva accused of stealing two Generators

The population of Marchand-Dessalines took to the street on Monday Monday (April 11, 2016) to protest the ongoing blackout in their city. Some in the protest movement pointed the finger directly to their current Deputy Gracia Delva for causing the city blackout. According to some protesting, Former Kompas singer Gracia Delva took possession of two generators that the government of Michel Martelly had given to Marchand-Dessaline. They are accusing him of literally stealing these generators for his own benefits while leaving the city in completed darkness.


According to Gracia Delva: "I am not aware of that and I am not going to hide behind my job to steal the population"

What do you think?

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Nestor Mateo says...

One day, hopefully very soon, all of these misbehaviors, ought to stop. Haitian people deserve better.

Every politian, big business men, authorities at the different levels, have to understand that they must serve, with loyalty, with honesty, with transparency, to their country, to the people they represent, to the people they benefit from. They must understand that sooner or later, the law will prevail, the law will knock at their door, and that the power of the law, or the power of the people will ask for response from their wrongdoings of today, a response that they will not be able to give.

And then what?

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Subject: Deputy Gracia Delva accused of stealing two Generators edit

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