Haiti to build Qatar City, with housing, vocational school

The government of Qatar seeks to honor the pledge it made to a devastated Haiti in the wake of the earthquake tragedy of January 12, 2010. Then $20 million was promised to help fund Haiti's reconstruction, and today, $5 million of that sum is intended for the creation of Qatar City.


Planned to be an income generating micro-economy for earthquake victims, Qatar City will feature a commercial area and vocational school around which 148 homes will be built as permanent places of residence.

The project, a joint effort between the Qatar Haiti Fund (QHF) and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) was recently given the green light and sees USAID meeting QHF's donation, which is designated for the construction of the school, houses and commercial area, with a $4 million dollar contribution that will fund the management services and site operation of the construction. The 35 square meter houses will have two rooms and will be built to the current standards for earthquake and hurricane resistance.

Deciding who of the millions of still displaced Haitians will be the lucky beneficiaries is the government, which is tasked with the selection in collaboration with donor and NGO communities. The government's role also extends into the provision of land for the project. An area of Cabaret equaling 5.55 hectares has been divvied up to the project.

Both foreign contributors to the project had expressed their desire to help Haiti rebuild after the crisis. The development of Qatar City is a considerable deposit to that effect.

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