Stanley Lucas on salary for propaganda work for Martelly Government

Stanlay lucas has been all over the media during the past five years defending the government of Michel Martelly against multiple attacks. Many at one point considered him as a true friend and believer of the accomplishments of the Martelly government. However, based on information just released, Stanley Lucas was just doing a job which is ongoing propaganda for the government of Michel Martelly.


According to Valery Numa of Radio Vision 2000, Stanley receives a check of $5000 US on a regular basis just to do propaganda for the government. Initially the checks were being issued by the Haitian embassy in Washington D.C. However when Paul Altidor became the Haitian Ambassador in Washington, he had an issue with the arrangement. According to Valery Numa, Ambassador Altidor did not want to pay a salary to someone who did not work at the embassy. As solution was found where Stanley Lucas would continue to receive his salary but it will be issued instead by the Haitian embassy in New York.

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Haitian Kreyol:

Stanley Lucas recevwa salè pou travay pwopagann pou Martelly Gouvènman

Stanley lucas te toujou nan tout medya yo Pandan senk ane ki sot pase pou li ape Defann gouvènman Michel Martelly contre atak. Anpil moun te konsidere li kòm yon vre zanmi gouvènman Martelly an. Sepandan, dapre enfòmasyon ki jis lage, Stanley Lucas te jis ape fè yon travay ki te yon Kontinyèl pwopagann pou gouvènman Michel Martelly.

Slon Valery Numa nan Radyo Vizyon 2000, Stanley Resevwa yon chèk de $5000 US pou li te kontinye fè pwopagann regilye pou gouvènman an. Okòmansman se te anbasad Ayisyen an nan Washington ki te konn ekri chèk de $5000. Sepandan Lè Pòl Altidor te vini Anbasadè ayisyen an nan Washington, li te gen yon pwoblèm ak aranjman an. Slon Valery Numa, Anbasadè Altidor Pa t 'vle peye yon salè a yon moun ki pa t' travay nan anbasad la. Kòm solisyon ki te jwenn, Stanley Lucas ta kontinye recevoir salè li olye ki vini de anbasad ayisyen an nan New York.

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li te toucher bien li te fais on bon

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Subject: Stanley Lucas on salary for propaganda work for Martelly Government edit

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