Haitian Houngan invented Cholera Magic Powder

The Haitian Joudalist just learned that rumors in the grand Anse region of Haiti are circulating that a priest has come up with magic powder to spread cholera to the population.


Who said that we can't invent anything?

According to English.news.cn, at least 12 people were killed last week by machete-weilding mobs, and their body burned because of suspicion that they are part of a group using a magic powder to spread the cholera disease on the population.

It was also reported that the local government issued a statemend that said: "There is no cholera powder, nor cholera spirit" and the priests "can neither treat cholera, nor make a powder that gives cholera."

I am not kidding. Here is the actual link where I found this information:

Isn't Cholera Magic Powder an invention after all?

Should he try to get it patented?

Do you think it's true that this priest discovered a Cholera Magic Powder?

Do you think it is possible for some people to think like this in Haiti?

Your opinion counts. Please comment

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Duvall Duprey says...

Yes Cholestera was Invented Years ago, just like HIV.
Cholestera was invented by the Russian...

HIV was invented by the

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Claisha says...

OMG! UNBELIEVABLE, it cannot be possible.

No way, how can someone believe

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Cenat says...

egazakteman, mwen tande sa, gen yon gwoup haitian nan komin pignion yo di ki fe yon poud ki menm jan ak cholera ki tiye moun nan 3 jou, li vini sou ou sou fom diare tou, men popilatsyon an kole yo rache 3 nan gwoug neg sa yo, nan yon zon ki rele Kafonj nan nan

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Mercy Hilaire says...

This is unbeleivable.

For Haitians to think that cholera can be given through Magic Powder.

These people need education bad.

I think those remote areas of Haiti have never had anyone to tolk to them about what cholera is.

The danger hereis that these people do not know how to properly handle the cholera outbreak and will only contribute to the spread to the entire

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Napoleon W. says...

This is so sad to hear that some of our brothers in Haiti think that there is a Cholera Magic Powder and some have lost their lives because of such belief.

It is important to educate the population about how people can be infected with the choleral virus.

This can not be done by some mystic

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