The main cause of car accident, not what you think

Education and training in the principles of safe driving and in good driving attitudes have tremendously reduced the number of Automobile accident on the road; however the number of people being killed on the road is unacceptable.


Although many people die as a consequence of inexperience, speeding drunk driving, they are not the main reasons.

Others might think that the main reason for car accidents is likely to be one of the following. However I am inviting you not to come to a conclusion until you read the entire article:

It is not talking on the phone while driving

It is not playing loud music in the car

Most car accidents are not caused by watching a video while driving

Not looking for addresses in your GPS monitor

It is not texting while driving either

The most frequent reasons for car accident in the World are caused by:

Yes !!!...

You guessed it right!!!...

Click here to see the Number one reason for car accident in the world

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Fl Driving School says...

Yes you are right.

But we must be specific the deep cause of road accidents.

For 13 years of being a professional driving instructor, I come up with the conclusion that "MENTAL BLOCK" is the deep reason of almost all road accidents.

This is a lengthy discussion including the remedy to avoid mental

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