The Formation Of Haiti's National Assembly

Haiti is run by a government with a bicameral legislature, which is composed of the Upper House (Senate) and the Lower House (Chamber of Deputies). These two houses make up the National Assembly, which is also known as a joint session of Parliament.


Based on the constitution, the National Assembly must be convened for specific reasons and purposes. When the National Assembly sets a meeting, important topics affecting the entire country are touched on. Such meetings are presided over by the Senate president, who is assisted by the president of the Chamber of Deputies. The secretaries of both houses, meanwhile, also serve the same role for the National Assembly.

There have been a lot of challenges that tested the National Assembly, one of which is the 2010 earthquake that damaged the building where sessions and meetings take place.

The National Assembly is made up of senators and Lower House members who have been appointed based on popular votes. Senators serve six-year terms, while Chambers members can assume the seats for four years.

Since Haiti's independence, the National Assembly has been considered the government's legislative branch. However, its operation ceased in 2004 when former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's government was deposed. His party, the Fanmi Lavalas, held the majority of National Assembly seats so when he was kicked out of his seat, an interim government was established. The National Assembly was revived in 2006, when the first round of election for Senate and Chambers of Deputies was held. Fwon Lespwa was the political party that won most of the seats in the 2006 election.

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