UN World Food Programme to Buy Locally-produced Rice in Haiti

It has been a favorable year for the harvesting of certain crops in Haiti and, as such, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has made the commitment to buy at least 1,750 metric tons of rice grown locally by Haitian farmers. The rice will be put to use within the WFP school feeding program, and will benefit local producers.


Constituting a considerable increase from the amount of locally farmed rice bought by the WFP in 2012, this year's bid is over 500 tons more. From last year's count, other food stuff bought for the school program included 133 tons of ground corn and another 1,169 tons of rice donated to the cause.

The WFP do not wish to stop there, however. Citing the year's bountiful harvest and overall good weather, they also wish to ramp up their purchases for the 2013-2014 year to about 3,000 tons. The number will be bolstered by purchases of local milk and other nutritional foods as part of the school feeding program run nationally and the Lèt Agogo program, which gave 1.1 million bottles of milk to 60 schools where some 28,000 students benefited. The WFP also bought 224 tons of 'Plumpy'Sup'.

According to the WFP, this move is in support of the drive to amplify the country's agricultural production. By supporting the local agricultural sector, they are helping to decrease instances of malnutrition and food insecurity while also the ability of farmers to trade on the market.

The WFP gets support from the governments of Brazil, France, and Canada, and also from the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR).

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