Up To 50,000 Undocumented Haitian Living In Bahamas

Reports from the International Organization for Migration indicate that the numbers of undocumented Haitians residing in the Bahamas ranges from 20,000 to 50,000 yet only 5,000 Haitian are registered as migrant workers.


According to the report, approximately 13,000 family members depend and are sustained by these Haitian registered migrant workers.

The IOM's report quotes some statistics with respect to the children of the migrants that tends to bring a face of humanity to the most relatable notion deliberated on by the latest Constitutional Commission report in relation to the Bahamian citizenship right.

The IOM report points out that Haitian child of up to the age of 14 constitute a good percentage of the undocumented persons migrating to Bahamas, the children seemingly travel with their parents. The Commission examined the idea of statelessness in Bahamas by addressing the state of these children plus those born to Haitian migrants in the country.

The report highlights the fact, brought to the attention of the Commission by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) that explains a number of constitution provisions that can create a group of people who are stateless.

According to UNHCR, these constitution parts not only contradict the various international agreements acquiesced but also hinders "The Obligations of Bahamas pursuant to the Convention on the Child Rights."

There have been intense arguments that these children have a right to Haitian citizenship hence not stateless. The commission, however, says that the real situation is not as easy as that.

According to the Constitution of Haiti, a person is allowed to get citizenship if at least one parent was born in Haiti and has never renounced his or her citizenship.

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