What is a Tornado?

Tornadoes are experienced in almost everywhere in the world. Relative to land area, the United Kingdom is the most tornado prone country. However, the United States is hit by tornadoes more than any other country in the world.


Tornadoes occur in storms. The development of tornadoes has not been vividly explained. The process has not been fully understood. Nevertheless, it is explained that, when warm air is forced to rise through a layer of overriding cold air, the result is a tornado. Tornadoes may form in the absence of convection though. Another phenomenon that is believed to be an ingredient of tornado formation is the existence of strong surface temperature differences.

In thunderstorms increased wind speed and change in direction causes air to spin. The rotation of the air intensifies forming clouds that on reaching the ground form tornadoes. It has not been explained why the air rotation can intensify and form tornadoes.

The rotational direction of tornadoes is the same as that of cyclones. The direction is anti-clockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere. In a few observed cases tornadoes rotate in the opposite direction of the storm. Findings show that 1% tornadoes rotate in an anti-cyclonic direction.

Tornadoes occur during afternoons and evenings. Research has indicated that 80 percent of all tornadoes experienced in the world occur between 12.00 noon and midnight.

Many lives have been injured and others lost through tornadoes. Economic activities are being affected every year. Physical misplacement of property and damage of human made structures by tornadoes are continually reported.

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