You have 15 days or I will talk, Moise Jean Charles to Jean Bertrand Aristide

As a result of the public note issued by Fanmi Lavalas on November 29 to let the public know that neither Senator Moïse Jean Charles nor Arnel Belizaire have the right to speak on behalf of the party, an ultimatum has been issued by Moise Jean Charles. According to the later, Jean Bertrand Aristide has only fifteen days to say whether or not he endorse the decision of the board of the party. If he does not talk on the matter within 15 days, Moise will put some "kaka Chat" out.


Knowing what Moise Jean charles know, will Jean Bertrand Aristide say something before the 15 days deadline to avoid any revelation that might put him in a bind?

Will Moise Jean Charles talk?

Will he put all the "kaka Chat" out

"Mais sa c'est du pipi de chat"

Mezanmi, koze pa pou rou, ki sa Moise Jean Charles connin de Aristide ke nou pa konnin? Eske li prale di nou ki deal li te ginyin avek Amerikin pou yo te kite li tounin lè ke li te an exil? Oubyen, se ki lot magoul li te konn fè sou do ti pep sa. Yon pep ke li te toujou di ke Li pap reisi san pep sa.

An to ka, ti nom Moise la di lè ke li soti o Brezil, si direktè-a pa pale, li minm li prale pale. Anbin nou prale ouè si ke Moise jean charles nan bloff avek moun.

"De Zom Kontre, manti Kaba". "Sa ki fô-a la kite pou lôt"

Mwen minm, mwen pa ginyin anyen poum fè, se rale Kat pelouz mwen epi rete gade

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Vaugel says...

Can you please provide us some visual or audio of this

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Virginia says...

I'm not surprise of Moise Jean Charles anymore, that guy is out of control.The only thing I know he just made the biggest mistake of his life to give Aristide an ultimatum; because Aristide is not Martelly who let him run his mouth.Mark my word Moise his a d....


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Jules Casseus says...

LaBib di trè Klè, Tou t Wayòm divize gen pou l krazé.

Apre anviron 25 an karzé brizé, dechoukay, koupe tèt boule kay ak tout kidnaping a pèLebrun, boulvèsnman tout kalité.

Si jodya- a Fanmi an divizé an n espere ke la detri tou. Apré nou te Fin n pase anvwon 30 lane ak kè sote Makout plis 25 lané nan destabilizasyon Lavalas la. Li lè pou Lidè peyi a chita ansan m, Inivèsitè yo chita pou bay peyi a yon lot direksyon.

Abraham di

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Arlene says...

I don't know what Jean-C has over Jean-B, but we must learn to let go & let God. God is the ultimate judge.

The world is against haiti we need to love our

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