RE: Dominicans Want All Haitians Out Of The Country, Fearing Cholera...

Daniel Micanor - November 26 2010, 6:32 PM

I strongly agree with u Brother.

To stop this people
with their discrimination and their acts of assassination against hatian we definitely should stop trading with them, and get our products from other country.Our land is as fertile as theirs but unfortunately we have no agronomist and even a lemon, a coconut etc. should be bought over there.

But as a people they hate so much, we got to make up our mind and stop...

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Dominiken plis bezwen nou paske nou bezwen yo,se pou...

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Dominicans want all Haitians out of the country, fearing cholera contamination

It was reported that a group of residents in the Municipality of El Penon in the Dominican Republic has mounted street protest against Haitians...

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