RE: Protesters Demonstrating Against Haiti Election 2010

Pierre - December 9 2010, 6:09 PM

haiti will never change its going to be the worse country in the world, where government do what ever they want. if peoples are doing what ever they want in haiti who's going to thing about haiti.

now im thinking not eeeeevvvveeerrrr
to set my feet there because it, s never ever going to be safe for anyone.

CEP need to think about the peoples, if the public ic screaming aba cestin why is he there, if the public is screaming vive Sweet Micky, that means they voted for him. if the peoples vote dont count why have an election, they shoud just appointed someone of their choice, instead of putting the haitian peoples in all this mess. haiti and haitian they suck and they dont love the country, they just want to fill up their swiss bank account and rob the country blind and move to the dominican rep

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Protesters demonstrating against Haiti Election 2010

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