RE: The Plan for the Development of Ile a Vache Presented to the Public

Louis Dory - March 8 2013, 6:34 PM

This is what Haiti needs.

We have to get out of that concept: we are not selling Haiti.

But we must develop it. These people need jobs. There is no government from any country that produces jobs for their full citizenry.

It is time that we do the same, develop the country so the people can find jobs and feed themslves and stop their dependency on people from the exterior.

I am 69 years old. After my generation, this is it. My kids and other people's kids don't know Haiti.

And far away families won't be able to ask them for help. We are the last generation and the last hope for Haiti.

There are so many nice places in the South, Grand Anse, Nort west that can be developed.

But dependency on Diaspora keep these people, the general assembly and all the rest of them to help develop Haiti.

It's about time.

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