Should there be a Bar for Gay and Lesbian to meet in Haiti?

Sandman - December 30 2013, 11:00 PM

NO, under no circumstance should the recovering island allow itself to be distracted by the secular Leftist b.s. that is currently driving the US in the ground and running the Whitehouse with the clear intent to outsource "gay" filth to other countries.

Haiti needs to steer clear of these U.S. and European culturally driven destructive types of diversions which include anything associated with homosexuality, gay, queer, LGBT or whatever the politically correct or incorrect language is that dominates in the sinking U.S. The island needs to focus like a laser beam on development, economic growth, independence from foreign influences, continuing recovery from the earthquake, financial growth, jobs, more jobs, infrastructure construction projects, education, schools, health care and technology.

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Should there be a Bar for Gay and Lesbian to meet in Haiti?

I think we need to start talking about this subject. Is there room for people who are gay or lesbian in Haiti? Due to several incidents of violence...

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