Re: Risk Of Cholera Spreading Into The U.S.

Rosie - November 15 2010, 12:10 PM

Non sense! How did the CHOLERA get to Haiti?

Like Melissa says "rather than speculating".

You should focus on why the UN peace keepers along with their friends Nepalese at the top of the river(the native known to this type of disease) refuse to take responsibility of infecting the people and cause more damage to Haiti than good. You should focus on what will be next for the families of those who lost their lives, the thousands at the hospital and when it'll stop.
You need to think and use your brain.

If US authorities and the researchers did not know all the facts, the source and how the cholera get to Haiti, they would had call for all their citizens including aid workers and UN peacekeepers to leave Haiti from day one. Now everybody talking about "order cholera screening for all Haitians entering their country." So you mean the Artibonite River just choose to contaminate its users this year in life and add more to Haiti's problems.

God Bless the souls of those who perished

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