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RE: American Red Cross pocketed close to $125 million of Haiti earthquake fund

The report is pure Bologna. Red Cross pocketed ninety-six per cent ( 96% ) of the proceed after the earthquake and only four percent ( 4% ) was used in / not given to Haiti. more »

RE: Jean-Claude Duvalier defied judge order in return was summoned to appear in Court

Jean Claude Duvalier should be left alone and those Human Rights Groups...... the prevailing priority to Haiti is to put the past into oblivion and go ahead. When Duvalier ( Baby... more »

RE: Government Commissioner Lucmane Delille does Home Visit to Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Je salue mes freres haitiens en la patrie et ne saurais gre de les demander de se surpasser ad perinde cadaver pour replacer Haiti au premier echelon de l'histoire des peuples... more »

RE: Design of new Cathedral in Port-au-Prince revealed

It seems that this design of the cathedral is the only one submitted to the public.We find it to fancy and must be rejected for it looks more or less like a planetarium. We do... more »

RE: From Law Enforcement to Fashion, Mario Andresol Fashion Show of Fine Clothing Line

Mario Andresol est un genie; deja sa collection entre en ligne de compte en ce qui a trait a la reconstruction du pays. Il est capable de servir dans bien d'autres capacites. Je... more »

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