Labadee, Haitian Port Located On the Northern Coast Of Haiti

Soulshadow55 - May 14 2014, 12:23 PM

In 1995 I visited Labadee on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

Back then they didn't have the Dragon's Breath Flight line and a lot of the other new features.

Nevertheless, I had a great time on the beach there.

The Haitian crafts people were very nice and their merchandise was wonderful.

I still have the hair pins and other pieces that I purchased.

The scenery was lovely and the sand was warm and inviting.

However, I did see some deforested mountains in the distance.

I wish I could go back to Haiti and visit the Citidelle which is supposed to close to Labadee.

I think they want to fix the roads in order for the tour buses to be able to drive there.

Haiti is a beautiful country with lovely, hard working, proud people.

God bless Haiti and the Haitian people.

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Labadee, Haitian Port Located On the Northern Coast Of Haiti

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