Elections of December 27th in Haiti Postponed

As per notice issued by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), the day of second run off of the presidential election has been deferred from earlier December 27, 2015, instead, it has been rescheduled on January 17, 2016. The CEP has invited the cooperation of all actors to participate and complete the process successfully.

On January 1, 2016, on the day of Haitian independence, President Martelly has announced that the second round of presidential runoff will be held on January 17, 2016. He has called on civilians and actors to respect the rules of the game and go to the polls. As per news report dated, January 3, 2016, the Commission of Electoral Evaluation has submitted its report. As per its report, first-round vote was plagued by irregularities; however, a final run-off can take place as scheduled in two weeks. It has recommended legal actions against some poll workers and others. It has also mentioned that 'electoral institution no longer enjoys the credibility to hold a fair election, if it is permitted to continue, can put the country into some more serious trouble.

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Collective of Elected Mayors wants run-off election on January 17, 2016

Who said that Haitians are unable to organize themselves under a common cause? This will always happen specially when their individual interests are at risk. That is the case with the newly created political structure called Collective of Elected Mayors. Headed by Jean Gabriel Fortune, the group that has been elected under this recent dubious election in Haiti is comprised of more than one hundred people. They also appear eager to enter in function and have proposed a date already for the run-off presidential election which is January 17, 2016, hoping that the next president will still be installed on February 7, 2016. This new Collective of Elected Mayors doesn't think the actual commission of evaluation should destabilize the current situation and make big waves with their findings.

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Only the last election will be evaluated by the Commission

For those looking for a complete evaluation of past two election organized by the CEP, with a possibility to declare then null and void I want to tell you that the Evaluation Commission doesn't see it this way. You can look at the commission as a group here to do a paint job. Let's keep the dirt on the wall and give it a nice paint job like we recently did in Jalousie slum.

Despite huge cases of fraud recorded on August 9 and October 25, the new Commission of Evaluation has decided only to look at irregularities in the October 25 election. Members of the Commission made that clear to the press on December 28, 2015 that its mission is to look only at the first round of the Presidential election that took place on October 25

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The G8 will not meet the Commission of Evaluation

As part of its mission to meet all the principal actors in the current crisis, the newly formed commission had great hope to meet the G8. A meeting was scheduled for last sunday (December 27 at Hotel Kinam for this big get together. However, the G8 did not see it that way or, in another way, did not want to provide legitimacy to the Commission of evaluation by actually meeting with them. Consequently, the G8 declined the invitation to meet the Commission.

On behalf of the G8, Jean Henry Ceant issued a letter to the Commission of evaluation, explaining their position as follows:

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Jude Celestin will not go to Run-off election with Jovenel, Jean Hector Anacacis

If you thought for a second that there was a chance for the current electoral crisis to come to an end, you were probably dreaming. Jean Hector Anacacis who is the person in charge of Lapeh said this morning that there is no way Jude Celestin will go to a run-off election with the candidate of PHTK, Jovenel Moise. He insists that the only satisfactory decision for the current Commission of evaluation is to exclude Jovenel. According to former Senator Anacacis, Michel Martelly has time to avoid a KO and remove his candidate from the process because of all the frauds conducted on behalf of the PHTK candidate.

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Jude Celestin caught between Moise Jean charles, G8 and the New Commission

The candidate for Lapeh, Jude Celestin, has been playing an unwinnable game since the last election in Haiti. Now it seems like regardless of all of his efforts, dedication and commitment he is going to lose the game very badly. Jude Celestin who has been qualified to participate in a run-off election with the Jovenel Moise, the candidate of PHTK got himself involved with the G8 because he thought that would have been his only chance to win in a run-off election with the well financed,well supported candidate of the executive, Jovenel Moise.

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UN wants run-off election rescheduled quickly in Haiti

On Wednesday, December 23, 2015, the Security Council of the United Nations issued a message to the Haitian authorities, instructing them to quickly reschedule the presidential election postponed this week. The UN body also urged all sides to remain calm and refrain from violence or other provocations and to solve electoral disputes through legal rules and regulations. The 15 members of the UN Security Council also issued a statement in their strong commitment to supporting free and fair elections. As you may remember, the CEP published results of the presidential election and declared that Jovenel Moise came in first place with 32.8 per cent of the votes and Celestin placed second with 25.3 per cent. Some opponents allege fraud by the Martelly PHTK party. An election evaluation committee has been established in an attempth to solve the current crisis, but no new date has been set for the run-off election. The election evaluation committee has until December 30 to issue their recommendation.

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BCEN under investigation for corruption by Me Ocname Dameus

In regard to the allegation of corruption at the CEP and the BCEN, things are getting more serious as a formal investigation is under way by the Chief Public Prosecutor of Port-au-Prince. Me Ocname Dameus confirmed receipt of the letter issued by the National Human Rights Defense Network (RNDDH) denouncing the CEP and BCEN. He also announced that the denunciation analysis have already been launched.

What do you think?

Do you think the Chief Public Prosecutor of Port-au-Prince is capable of bringing criminal charges against members of the electoral body if evidence of corruption is found?

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Haiti Election Postponed

On December 21, 2015, Haiti's election council made an announcement for the postponement of the December 27th presidential runoff amid accusations of frauds and irregularities by the opposition candidates. However, the UN Security Council has urged the Haitian administration for a quick reschedule of its postponed presidential election to avoid further unrest. The second round of the presidential election was scheduled to be held on December 27th, because the two leading candidates of the first round election on October 25, 2015, could not reach the electoral mandates of 50% plus vote benchmark, or a lead of over 25% votes as prescribed by the Haiti's Constitution and Electoral Decree to win the presidential race. Voter turnout on the October 25 election day was also very low -- only 1.5 million of the 5 million registered voters were present to exercise their rights at the polling stations. There were numerous allegation of false voting, manipulation on counting and there were huge protests against the results published by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) favoring the outgoing president Martelly's candidate Jovenel Moise.

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Commission installation delayed by the Catholic Church

On Friday(December 18) The Election Assessment Commission was not installed as promised because Mgr. Patrick Aris was unable to receive consent from the Catholic Church in Haiti on time to join the group, specifically from Cardinal Chibly Langlois. However this does not mean that the commission has not been working. According to one of the members, Rosny Desroches, the five members of the commission had their first working meeting on Thursday, the same day the presidential decree was issued.

The five members include:
Rosny Desroches,
Anthony Pascal (Konpè Filo),
Bishop Patrick Aris
Euvonie Georges Emmanuel Augustus
Manno Charlemagne

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